I hate this time of year...

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Barked: Mon Apr 19, '10 4:59am PST 
My boys have started shedding. We have dark green microfiber couches so they're not going to be allowed in the family room until all of the undercoat is gone. What do you use to get rid of the undercoat? With Brandy, she took MONTHS to loose her undercoat. This is my first spring with the boys and their adult coats. I hope they loose it more easily than she did. Right now I have the furminator, undercoat rake, slicker brush, combs, and a stripping blade. At this time of year, I'll be using the furminator de-shedding solution and the kong zoom groom when they get a bath.
Shadow- (forever in- our hearts)

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Barked: Tue Apr 20, '10 8:57pm PST 
We use the furminator as well. Shadow blows large chunks of fur off at various times even after being furminated. big grin
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Barked: Sat Sep 4, '10 11:15am PST 
Zephyr is a male and he really dosn't shed badly. I just brush/comb him once or twice a week and he's fine. He is a purebred, but maybe the colors shed differently....


Barked: Tue Sep 21, '10 9:20am PST 
This is my first "full" shed with MacShelby as I adopted her last January 2010. She is shedding like crazy. I have the furminator and rake and I am using them daily. I have leather furniture and tile on most floors (thank god). I'm vacuuming the bedrooms (only carpeted rooms in the house) and the area rug in the living room daily but still sooooo much hair.

Can anyone tell me how long this shedding lasts? I have a vacuum that is bagless ,purchased in February and is great for the dog hair but not sure if it will outlast the shedding.

What we go thru for our beloved animals.