Do I have Sheltie in me?

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Little Fox
Barked: Tue Mar 16, '10 5:05pm PST 
Hey all, I'm new here. =) I've been puzzling over Tika's breed mix for ages now--I'm pretty sure she's part pom, but I couldn't decide what else might be in there. However, someone suggested she might have some Sheltie in her, and honestly it would explain some of her behavior.

She LOVES, LOVES, LOVES people and isn't shy with strangers at all, but what she DOES like to do is chase cars. And not just chase--she stalks/herds them. She also goes nuts barking at small animals. And she's a bit of an ankle-biter when she plays with other dogs, heh.

So...thoughts? =)

Barked: Thu Apr 19, '12 11:51pm PST 
My parents have a sheltie and ive had poms in the past. I can see both breeds in your dog. Your dog has a long body which comes from the sheltie and the curly tail from the pom. They are both good breeds. i would choose a sheltie over a pom any day though. only because i can get my sheltie to stop barking and my poms never shut up.