Getting a Sheltie pup!

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Barked: Sun Dec 27, '09 7:49pm PST 
Hey everyone!

So, I am getting my Sheltie boy, jack, in March and I wanted everyone's advice...on everything Sheltie.

I have owned a Sheltie, Monty, who passed away in June. But I got him when he was 7 years old and had him until he was 11, so I missed that entire puppy stage.

Any Sheltie house training hints? My breeder is using the UGO training system so he will be "pad" trained.
She also has the pups around lots of agility equipment so they are used to it for those people wishing to do agility.

so....any pointers for a first time puppy owner smile

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Barked: Tue Jan 5, '10 5:23pm PST 
Your little pup is so adorable!! I've had 3 puppies and they've all been different. Brandy could be left by herself almost from day one. She trained within a week. Bailey is almost 2 and he's still a terror when it comes to his behavior. Scotch has dreams of being a cat and usually ends up on top of furniture if you're not watching.

I've never used pads, just crates. When Bailey was first brought home @ 2 months, I was taking him out every 2-3 hours and gave him a lot of praise when he went outside.

Be prepared for exerting a LOT of energy. I don't think Bailey slept the first year of his life except for the day that I bought him to school for 8 hours. Get a bunch of different types of toys. Bailey destroys soft toys and Brandy would never touch a rubber toy. All of them love ropes and it's a great way to get rid of some of that energy.

You're also going to have to get him used to being groomed. Handle his feet early on and get him used to what ever position you prefer to groom in.

You're also going to have to get him socialized. Take him everywhere you can.

The countdown to- homecoming- begins!
Barked: Wed Jan 6, '10 9:13pm PST 
Thank you Scotch!!!

The countdown is on...he will be born January 20th...The breeder said it could be 5 days before hand or anytime thereafter, so they will be closely monitoring mommy.

I am so excited, but starting to get nervous...reading as much as I can!


Barked: Fri Jan 15, '10 7:42am PST 
Congrats on the soon-to-be new addition!! How exciting big grin

I have put together a couple of blog articles on owning/training Shelties. So those might be helpful to you ...

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Barked: Fri Jan 15, '10 9:38am PST 
Aah, Sheltie puppies, nothing cuter.

Buttons was my first dog and we decided to paper train her since we both work. Some say not to do this because it trains the dog to do their business in the house. After we got Bows who was almost house broken when we got her, we tried to get Button's completely house trained. Just to let you know, she never completely grew out of paper training. As she got older she'd sometimes in the middle of the night do her business on the kitchen floor right where we'd have the paper down. Even after we moved to a new house she'd still do her business on the kitchen floor at night.

Shelties are one of the smartest breeds, they practically train themselves laugh out loud Good luck with the new pup.

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Barked: Mon Feb 22, '10 9:11pm PST 
Make sure you do lots of training with your pup. Take classes, do lots of work. Working his brain will tire him out more than taking him for a run or throwing the ball down the hall (do those things too though!). Shelties need a job, especially when they are young and hyper!

Enjoy the puppy times as they are gone too fast!