Where are all the Shelties?

This is a forum for bonding with your fellow Dogsters about the traits, quirks and idiosyncrasies of your favorite breed. Please remember that there are absolutely no animal sales or requests for studding or breeding allowed on our sites. All posts and interactions should be in the spirit of Dogster's Community Guidelines and should be fun, friendly and informational. Enjoy!

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Don't hate me- because I'm- beautiful
Barked: Thu Nov 20, '08 7:10pm PST 
Man, we're a quiet bunch lately. Hope everyone is doing ok
Gray Dawn- Treader

Don't Tread on- me
Barked: Thu Nov 20, '08 9:51pm PST 
shrug Search me. I check here every once in a while.

Play like- there's nobody- watching.
Barked: Sat Nov 22, '08 8:01pm PST 
I still check in every once in a while but hardly ever post. puppy


I Survived- Pancreatic- Cancer!
Barked: Mon Nov 24, '08 3:26pm PST 
Hi we are new here! I like to post alot so watch out! laugh out loud

Mommy's cuddle- muffin
Barked: Sat Dec 6, '08 5:47pm PST 
I've been gone for a while because Ace and Nova are being fostered due to some health issues that left me unable to take care of them and coming on here was another reminder that I didn't have them with me. But I'm getting better now and they'll be coming home soon!

Barked: Mon Jan 19, '09 8:56am PST 
Hello, I'm here too, mostly just browsing. This sites a bit big and confusing for me. laugh out loud

Angel's Little- Brother
Barked: Tue May 18, '10 4:26pm PST 
I am new here ... so here i am Hi and WOOF

Sheltie Shock
Barked: Sat Jun 5, '10 10:41am PST 
A Sheltie and a Staffie here! wave
Kasey- (Sheltie- Angel)

Ain't I handsome
Barked: Mon Jun 7, '10 8:02am PST 
Yeah, it's a shame more people don't post here, but maybe there are just too many forums on dogster. We do post on other Sheltie forums that are more active.

Why does Dad- call me Chubs?
Barked: Wed Aug 4, '10 11:26am PST 
Would love to hear more about various Sheltie web groups out there. Mom and Dad are thinking about getting us involved with stuff like agility and would love to chat with fellow Sheltie lovers

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