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Barked: Wed Sep 19, '07 6:17pm PST 
Any Shelties here that swim??

I know that herding breeds are generally not too fond of the water, but I have heard of a few Shelties that just can't stay away from the water!

Gio has always been reluctant to wade in much past his "ankles", Romeo is a bit more willing and will bob for ice cubes or treats when dropped in his water bowl.

Well today Gio went to his first swimming lesson!! There is a canine aquatherapy center in the city here and I have been wanting to get Gio in for a while now. With his bad leg/back and now the added incoordination from his seizure meds, I'm reluctant to let him get too crazy running around in the backyard or offleash park. Swimming has always been a real ray of hope ... but I never got around to booking an appointment to go in. A few weekends ago I won a gift card for a free half hour swim in a raffle ... and today was the day!

I guess I had never really considered that there may be a reason that Shelties don't swim, and I always assumed that all dogs know how to swim, they just need practice to get really good at it ... Well, I now know that Gio avoids water because he honestly has no clue, and hand in hand with that, he definitely proves that not all dogs know how to swim! BOL

The instructor strapped a doggy life jacket on him and walked him into the pool down a bit of a ramp. He went willingly enough, and followed her right into the water. Then the lifejacket took over, he began to float, and once he realized that he wasn't going to sink like a stone, just sat there enjoying the warm water! BOL The instructor called him, and he just bobbed in the water ... no leg movements, no attempt at steering or paddling, just bobbed. laugh out loud

The only way she could get him to paddle and kick was to take the life jacket off ... he's just too smart! Why work when the jacket holds you up with no effort!?

Of course, after she took the jacket off he began kicking and paddling ... not very effectively, but enough to stay afloat and slowly maneuver around the pool. I had to keep walking from one side to the other, standing on the edge to encourage him to move forward. After 20 minutes or so he had really caught on ... still moving a little jerkily, but swimming none the less!

I tried to take some pictures, but only got 2 because I was too busy laughing at the uselessness of a Sheltie in the water. I posted the better of the two on Gio's page.

I'm hoping to take him back in a few weeks for another go at it. Maybe I will take Romeo as well as the center offers a deal for bringing in a second dog and sharing a time slot ... so I would book a half hour slot and let each dog swim for 15 minutes worth.

Shelties- Forever!
Barked: Thu Sep 20, '07 6:03am PST 
I don't know if I like swimming or not. We live on a lake but mama won't let me get in there cause of all the icky stuff in the water. When we get our new house we'll have a pool and mama will get me the kind of a doggie life vest that goes over my back so my legs are free to swim! It's good exercise and mama says it's good for the large muscle mass in my legs and also good for my heart and lungs. I'll let you know how much I like it when we have our new house!

Yer Fren
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Barked: Thu Sep 20, '07 8:09am PST 
No clue whether or not I like swimming, but I don't like baths.

Hayley Ann- CDX RA-ATB- 09/14/11

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Barked: Thu Sep 20, '07 2:08pm PST 

I haven't ever cared for swimming - Mom bought me a kiddie pool when I was a pup and all I ever did was drink out of it! laugh out loud

I do like to play in the water. I love sprinklers and the ocean! I love to chase my tennis ball on the beach and run in the water after it! There's a pic on my page from a beach trip mom and I made!

Happy swimming!

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Barked: Fri Sep 21, '07 1:39pm PST 
Buzz has only been in the water once (when he fell in off the dock last summer). He hated it and is a sinker, not a swimmer. red face

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Barked: Fri Sep 21, '07 6:03pm PST 
Well, my momma bought me a 30" 12' round pool and I don't wike water, so I gave it to some little kids in the neighborhood!!!

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Barked: Sat Sep 22, '07 10:08pm PST 
I LOVE to swim - I have my own kiddie pool - check out my pic on my page. I get in the pool often and especially enjoy a dip after some hard tennis-ball chasing!!! I ALWAYS stick my whole face in the water and blow bubbles, and YES!!! I will bob for ice cubes AND will get a treat off the bottom of the pool!!! I love the water - but I am told that I am not typical!!

Kenzie }:>

Barked: Sun Sep 23, '07 10:59am PST 
Thanks for sharing your stories guys big grin BOL

I got the pups a paddling pool this summer because it was SO HOT! Romeo LOVED it, but Gio just couldn't figure it out. He would reluctantly put a paw in if I tossed a toy in the middle, but definitely didn't willingly enjoy it. Romeo couldn't stay out of it, though! He was in there so often, and would splash and dig in the water. Romeo also bobs for things in his water dish ... ice cubes, treats, etc. ... or just for fun! I think Romeo will enjoy swimming more than Gio, but Gio needs it more than Romeo does. Oh well ... I'm hoping to book another swim time for the boys in the next week or so.
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Barked: Thu Sep 27, '07 4:20am PST 
Bobby lives with a Flat Coat. They swim. Any big mud puddle will do...

Barked: Mon Jul 28, '08 11:34am PST 
I was playing on the beach one nice warm summer day in SF (it was..really!) with a puppy friend who loves his tennis balls. His owner threw the ball into the bay...and in I went! My mom was very upset..yelling "You can't swim gavin!" but I showed her wrong
dancing I don't like strong currents in streams though..But I do wade into ponds and such up to my belly when I am hot.
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