Could I be an Ibizan Hound mix?

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My name is Sampson, and I'm a little over a year old. I was adopted through a friend, who adopted me through a friend, who adopted me through a... well, you get the idea. My dad adopted me because he felt I wasn't being taken care of, since I got locked in a room all day and was always yelled at. Good news is I have this thing called a yard, I've never had one of them before. I also got a sister named Delilah, I get to play with her all day. Anyway, after all those homes, my breed was kind of lost along the way.

I got stopped recently on a walk and was told, "Now that's an Ibizan Hound if I ever saw one!"... I'd never heard of that, so I had my dad go home and look it up on Google. While the photos of these Ibizan Hounds look pretty similar to me, I think my head is much bigger around.

I asked the vet if they thought the person who stopped me on my walk was right, the vet said I could be one, or at least a mix.

I was just wondering what you guys might think! Thank you smile

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Well, it's possible but they are quite rare so it is pretty unlikely.
Can you get a good photo standing from the side, and straight on from the front? That might help in breed guesses.
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My first guess is Pit Bull mix. The erect ears are throwing me off on the mix part, though. thinking Are Ibizan Hounds common in your area? What about Basenji's?

But some Pit Bull type dogs can have pricked ears:
bat ears

bat ears 2

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Scruffy (RIP)

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My first guess would be Pit Bull mix. Ibizan Hounds are very rare so it's highly unlikely that would be in the mix. Congrats on your new addition, he's cute! smile

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It is a pitbull mix dog

your source for online pitbull information

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If people take you for an Ibizan hound, I think you should claim it. Go ahead and get papers from Contential Kennel club. That way if anyone tries to claim you are a pit, you can "prove them wrong" big laugh

Whatever you are, you are adorable.

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Hi there, sorry for the delayed response. I've been enjoying my new yard quite a bit, I totally forgot I put a post on here.

I have a bunch of photos on my profile, if you need me to have my person take some more I can do that.

The reason I thought I could be an Ibizan mix is because from the neck down I do think I look exactly like one. I have the tall skinny legs, very naturally thin frame (no matter how much I eat!), the same coat color and pattern, pretty much everything BUT the super skinny face... and I have the same bunny rabbit ears that they have, too.

I do agree though that I could be a pit mix, but I'm definitely not a full pit. I'm much taller than my sister Delilah, who is most definitely a pit bull/mix (she's in one of my pictures with me). I think my head shape is similar to hers though, I know that's pretty common in most pit bull mixes to have that shaped head.

Barked: Fri Sep 12, '14 12:51am PST 

Natasha - I don't know if Ibizan Hounds are common in my area. Until I was stopped on the street, I had never even heard of it before. My person hasn't either, and they don't recall ever seeing another dog like me. I live in Oregon, if that helps your question at all. Thank you for those links! I've never really seen large dogs with the "bunny ears" that stand straight up naturally, outside of a German Shepard or something else super duper fluffy. My sister Delilah has the "Prick" ears that stick straight out to the side... mine always stand straight up, no matter what I'm doing.

Scruffy and Fritz, thank you! I think I'm pretty cute too... my humans say I'm handsome. I have them wrapped around my finger.

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