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Barked: Thu Nov 21, '13 6:00am PST 
I volunteered to foster a dog from a large, state funded dog rescue. When I got her last night, the lady who dropped her off told me she is pregnant and that if she hadnt pulled her out of there they would have spay/aported her pups. So heres the position im in... I am a firm believer in spay/aborting in this situation, and I dont understand why she would rather this dog have these pups and possibly ruin all their lives, because they are obviously homeless, than to have her spayed and give her a better chance of finding a forever home. Im in a predicament. Do I do what I think is the right thing and call this rescue and tell them whats going on and betray the woman who believes she rescued these unborn puppies from abortion, or do I betray the dog by allowing her to have these pups?

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Barked: Thu Nov 21, '13 9:05am PST 
Update: Im beginning to wonder...

How is it that the ACS didnt know she was pregnant? This means was never seen by a vet!

She was walking past me a while ago, headed to the dog door and I noticed something hanging from her vagina. I got up and followed her to the back porch, and there it was laying, a deseased fetus. Then before I could get over to her, she had begun to eat it. Then I walked down the steps and around the porch and saw another one on the ground. I picked up and put it in a small shoe box. This means she could have passed more of them throughout the night, and eaten them. I have no way to know how many were there to begin with, much less how many are still thriving inside her. The ACS just opened at 11 am and im going to call them. I cant do anything for her if she is miscarryung. She has to be xrayed so they can see how many if any are still alive, and if she passed all of the miscarried ones.

Fyi... the fetus was just a ball, it didnt look like a puppy, so I guess this means she isnt that far along, or does it?

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hug I can't answer your questions but I believe you are doing the right thing. I also believe that getting her spayed is the right thing to do and the lady who pulled her is misguided.

I hope she is okay, good luck.hug

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Spay/Abort is controversial. Some rescues (including the one I foster for) do not do spay/aborts. We are in a good position and are able to find homes for these puppies quite easily. Puppies born in foster care have less risk of coming down with disease, too, as they are not exposed to it.

Regardless, I hope your girl got to the vet and I hope she's okay.