Rascal was STOLEN :-(

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this past Sat. night(Aug.31,2013) from Churchman's Jewelry Store(Twin Falls,Idaho), he's a white male(not neutered) Chihuahua . His dad is REALLY upset, wants
him back HOME ! He belongs at Churchan's Jewelry Store .

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P.S. His buddy 'Spock'(pit bull puppy) really misses him !
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Was he micro-chipped? I would put up flyers everywhere with his picture. Someone recently had their dog returned because someone saw the flyer and reported it to the police. Also, contact all local vets and shelters. You never know who might see him. Good Luck and I hope you get him back. hug


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I agree contact the shelters, humane society, vets so they can keep look out. Also if he has a microchip you will defiantly get him back if found.

I really hope you find your dog. Good luck!
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1. Contact ALL of the vets, shelters, pet stores etc. in the area. If you give them his microchip number (if he's microchipped) then they could find him if he's brought in. Hope this helps!wishes

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Oh I'm sorry, I forget to add in the other steps. Here they are!

2. Notify all of the police officers, postal workers and truck drivers in the area. Ask them to keep an eye out for your dog. I know someone who's dog was found by a police officer on patrol.

3. Post "Stolen Dog" signs in the area at places like schools, animal shelters, smaller stores, larger stores like Walmart and Tops, and any other places willing to help you find your dog. When my friend was looking for her dog she asked her local Walmart to place an ad and she got lots of calls from people who said that they would keep an eye out.

4. Hand out flyers at big events like sports games, fairs and festivals.

5. Don't give up!
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DO NOT EVER release your microchip or tattoo number!!!! That is YOUR proof that the dog is yours. By releasing that number whoever has the dog CAN transfer the registration and claim proof of the dog.