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The Snuggler
Barked: Tue Sep 3, '13 4:16am PST 
Bentley was surrendered by his owner down in California. He was never allowed out of his kennel including for going to the bathroom. His hair was in mats and he had to be shaven down completely. He has never been housebroken, never been socialized, never been on a lead. He is very fearful of everything. I picked him up from the airport on Sunday night and he was a bit nippy when I tried to take him out of his kennel for a walk. Understandable. After his walk, I put him back in his kennel, it was late and I seriously needed to sleep. Him and his foster brother, whom I picked up from the airport at the same time, quieted down after a few minutes of gentle whining.

Fast forward to the next morning. I open up his kennel for the early morning walk, he shoots out of the kennel and straight into my lap, all wiggles and kisses. Yay improvement!!!! We met up with a mother and her 2 year old. Bentley and my other foster dog barked endlessly at them until we passed... Bentley lunged at the 2 year old. Not good.

Off to my mothers place! Since my mother had failed to spray enzymatic cleaner everywhere due to the marking Chi she last fostered, Bentley went for one of the favorite peeing spots. Grrrr! Okay, moms fault for not using enzymatic cleaner. Bentley marked a total of 8 times within the 9 hours I was there, even with hourly walks. The other foster dog that was picked up was already adopted out by a lady who came into town from 2 hours away.

My mother finally came home from her mini vacation (these are actually her fosters). Bentley barked at her continuously and would not leave my side. When my mother bent down, Bentley gave her a good nip. My mother has never had a fearful foster before, so she's a bit taken a back by his behaviour. We know that it will take time before he can be considered adoptable.

Now for my awesome question!!!!!!!

How can we start training this overly fearful dog after he settles in my mothers house? We don't want him to be barking at and nipping potential adopters. He also gets very excited very fast, as in when playing his penis will start to expose, this is when I end play. We want him to become an adoptable dog but have little experience in fearful dogs. All the dogs to date have been just big ol' cuddle bugs. This one is different and we don't know quite what to do. Help?
Jax (earned- her wings- 5/30/12)

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I would find a treat that he would die for and only use it to socialize with people. For example, starting with your mother, have her toss him a treat one at a time slowly getting them closer to her until the only way he gets the treat is to have him take it from her hand. Since he seems to have accepted you, you don't feed him those special treats. This could take a few hours or a few weeks to get him to the point of accepting the treats from your mother's hand. After he accepts her, then you can move on to other people. After he's a little comfortable with your mother or anyone, you can feed Roman the special treats in front of him. The only way he gets the treats is to walk up and take them gently from the person's hand. I would make sure he's a little more comfortable with people before you try that one. Good Luck and remember, the quickest way to a dog's heart is through their stomach. laugh out loud That worked great with Jax.

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The Snuggler
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Well, he has no choice but to be around my mother because she's the one fostering him, not me. I just help out. So since I posted this, he's gotten used to her but he still yaps with massive excitement and pees excitedly when he sees me. I ignore him until he's calm. When I'm there he sticks right by me and won't have anything to do with my mom or kid. He's a glue puppy.

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