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Hi Everyone,

My name’s Lesley and I’m currently working on a project that I’ve been thinking about for a long while.

The idea of this project is fairly simple: A website that features coupons for things you might buy online, similar to RetailMeNot. However, each time you used a coupon from this website, a portion of your purchase would go to help the following animal welfare organizations:

1) RedRover – Helps animals displaced by natural disasters and unlivable conditions. They also help pay for pet medical emergencies when owners or rescue groups cannot afford such care.

2) Rescue Bank – Provides free pet food to local shelters and rescue groups so that these organizations can focus on meeting other expenses.

3) PetFinder Foundation – Helps homeless animals by supporting local shelters with funding, equipment grants and supplies so that animals can continue to be cared for.

The entire goal of this project is to take something many of us do (shop online using coupons) and help turn it into a way to help rescue, feed and care for animals. Every month we would post exactly how much was donated to the organizations, what the organizations did with the money, and how that ultimately helped save and care for animals.

What I’m wondering is if this is something you feel like you would use? I feel like this is a worthy project, but it won’t make much of a difference if it doesn’t prove useful to communities like this. This still very much a work in progress, but what I would love is your honest thoughts about a project like this.

Thank you so very much!

-Lesley Wilson

Moderators: If I need to edit this post at all because it comes across as spam or anything like that, please let me know. I tried to adhere to the rules mentioned in the ‘Sticky’ section, and have no links, surveys or anything posted.

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