Buck, The Dog Shot and Left for Dead in a Trashbag

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Barked: Mon Jul 15, '13 6:05am PST 
Just wanted to share this happy ending smile It was all over the news here in Houston. I am so happy the media picked up on it so people could become aware of an ongoing issue in this city.

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Flicka ~ CGC

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Barked: Mon Jul 15, '13 3:05pm PST 
Saw this... Buck is a wonderful boy.

Hopefully the scum who caused it all will die slowly and painfully...


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Barked: Mon Jul 15, '13 6:58pm PST 
What a lovable dog!! I can't say on here what I think should happen to the !1!@%$ that did this to him. silencedsilencedsilenced He's a very lucky guy. It's so nice to see a happy ending. applause More power to him!!


Barked: Tue Jul 16, '13 1:07am PST 
I saw this. What a sweet dog!