Kisses is a real people-pibble and needs a home!

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Barked: Sun Jul 7, '13 8:34am PST 
Hello everyone! This is Kisses (short for HibisKiss) my newest case of being a massive sucker. His original owner bought him off craigslist, and so of course he had parvo. The owner's mother agreed to pay for the at-home treatments if the son would actually do them and he accepted this. However, when I was getting ready to charge them out I overheard him say it seemed like a lot of work, and that maybe they should have just euthanised the puppy.

We'd had a day full of death that Saturday and I point blank told him we would absolutely NOT euthanise a happy, active puppy. I then said that I would take the pup on if they paid for what had already been done medically to him.

And so now I have a 9 week old pitbull puppy who is active, healthy, intelligent, people driven to the extreme (and the tag along separation anxiety issues), and really quite wonderful.

And I can only keep hold of him for the next few weeks.

So, some advice would be appreciated especially on what questions to ask potential adopters to make sure they will treat this pibble as he should be treated. He is NOT of a sort that would do well as either a 'guard dog' or a backyard dog, and that's what most folk around here get pitbulls for.

"Harro people-thing, can I licks your face now?"


"I may not understand what toys are for, but I sure know how to play!"


"You taught me 'paw', and Foster-Auntie is teaching me 'down', so I thought I'd combine 'em!"


Furever Baby
Barked: Sun Jul 7, '13 8:27pm PST 
He certainly is a cutie pie. What a shame and I can't understand how a young boy would rather put a puppy down than give it medicine. The puppy certainly is better of looking for a new home. I am glad you stepped in and spoke up. Heaven knows how this poor baby would be treated. I am sorry but we already have two rescue dogs and live on the other side of the country and a little further north.
Maggie (I'm- Moms Angel- Now)

Punish the DEED- NOT The Breed!!!
Barked: Mon Aug 12, '13 11:39am PST 
If I had only one or two dogs I would take him as we LOVE pit bulls. I know my stepson was like the boy who owned Kisses. He got all pissed off because when Maggie was alive and on her Primidone for her seizures I asked him to be home ONE afternoon so she could get her meds on time because I was going to be meeting my brother for the first time and wouldnt be home in time to give her the pill. He told me that he already had plans and he didnt have to give her the pill because she wasnt his damned dog. So I ended up having to cancel on my brother. I wouldnt trade all the time I had with Maggie girl but I miss her like crazy and I know deep down that she is better off now that she is waiting at the bridge for me.