I was left in the woods to die, Venting

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Kali earned- her wings- 10/21/14

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That's awesome he found a home! applause

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Hi everyone

I don't know if this is the correct forum to post in, but maybe some of you can help.

My Mommy adopted me 1 1/2 months ago. I was a stray, no collar, chip, tag & I wasn't even spayed. I am 3 1/2.

Mommy is taking over now.... Whenever Cinnamon sees a slight-built, dark hair woman she just stops & stares & WON'T move. Then she pulls to get to this person. I'm assuming she thinks this is a (former) Mommy. She was very fearful when I first got her, but now she is great except for this issue.

Any suggestions??
Flicka ~ CGC

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Barked: Fri Jun 7, '13 6:26pm PST 
Cinnamon.. I would repost this in the Behaviour thread if I were you Sweetie.

It MIGHT be a memory.. but you will never know.. and its just not something to worry over..

Work as I know you have been with the issues she has.. and go forward. This is just one more thing that will.. in time.. if you work to mitigate it... go.

Train her into focusing on YOU.... carry small wanted treats in your pocket.. Look ahead.. see what is coming... teach her focus.

Its still very early days.. and you have been doing great !

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