Help - adopted shelter dog just sent me to hospital... Heartbroken.

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Augusta,- CGC, RN

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Barked: Wed May 15, '13 8:20am PST 
Tuck, wow that is some seriously tough love! eek I hope you would never be put in a position to have to make that decision . ..

OP, this dog seems too much and who knows how much it would take to rehab him, no one is going to fault you one bit if you decide to euthanize this dog. hug

As far as there being no resources in Hong Kong--no reason to believe that. I've never been, but it's a huge diverse city with a long British association and cosmopolitan heritage. A quick google search brought up a positive reinforcement training through the spca whose instructors all teach in Cantonese and English.

spca training hong kong
Augusta,- CGC, RN

Such a Good Dog!
Barked: Wed May 15, '13 8:37am PST 
Here's a link to a veterinary behaviorist as well.

Even if you don't end up going that route, good to know for future reference.

hong kong veterinary behaviorist

Pocket Wolf
Barked: Thu May 16, '13 11:26am PST 
Have you considered that your dog might have rage syndrome? Papillions are a spaniel breed and they do rarely turn up a pup with the issue It's unfortunately genetic but also very rare. The usual signs are these unprovoked attacks and age of dog between 1-3 years. You would have to talk with the breeder about lineage and problems

Savannah Blue Belle

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Barked: Thu May 16, '13 11:38am PST 
Fortunately for us, the issues that I have had with our rescue cocker have not been as severe, though similar in action. My mom, who is not really used to handling dogs - was nipped when she bent over the cocker to pick something up. It was very alarming for both of them and unexpected, since they are tight pals.

I then noticed that the cocker would stiffen when I would perform a similar movement around her, though she never attempted to nip. Since she was more used to me handling her this made me think she just needed some time and more confidence. I don't know if your pup is fearful in other ways? Or if you have some hesitation when handling him? The bite is obviously much more severe, but I would try to locate a behaviorist or at least find a book on working with anxious dogs....Good luck. Sorry this happened.

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Barked: Sun Jun 2, '13 5:30am PST 
Thanks again everyone for your responses. They definitely helped during a really depressing time. I live in Hong Kong (for work) while my husband (and other pets) lives in Australia so it was a surprisingly lonely & sad time for me as I didn't have a ton of people around me to talk to.

I thought I'd update you and let you know that I bounced back and forth on what to do and then was putting myself under so much pressure for a decision that I felt sick. I decided to take some time and step back and a decision would come to me. The rescue group was of almost no help, as they're disorganised and overloaded as it is.

I realised that Clement is first and foremost a scared dog and for days after he looked horribly sad. I suddenly felt guilty that if it was his last days with me, I didn't want them to be sad (as most of his life had likely not been peachy) so I tried to show him I was not mad. Over time we've become friends again, a little different of course. I realise I may have been going too fast in familiarity with him. Since then, ironically I'd say things have gotten better. He's learning not to bark at my apartment building neighbours. He seems to trust me MORE and a couple days after I woke up with his face basically on my pillow which gave me a fright!

I'm going to take him to a behaviourist and see if we can work on some things. His former foster says that he never had an issue with any of her dogs and avoided them if anything. I just took him to a kennel in HK as I'm back in Australia for a visit. He was mixing fine with the other dogs in no time. I think it's just his fear of people I need to work on!

There ARE a few behaviourists here in HK, and I spoke to a good one the other day. It is a different culture here for sure. I certainly don't think most pets are treated as well as in the West and therefore, there are a fair amount of abandonments, fearful/damaged dogs, etc. I don't know if this is common, but here in HK, people often take dogs to the woods and leave them there, there are packs of roaming dogs in the parks and rural areas. It's also common to leave animals tied up to a fence, or take to a groomer and never pick up. Anyway, heartbreaking stuff. I hear all of the fear in regards to rage, and him doing it again. I'm obviously much more wary now!

Thanks again!
Addy, CGC

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Barked: Sun Jun 2, '13 9:42am PST 
That's a wonderful update! Thanks for letting us know.
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