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Barked: Wed Jan 30, '13 6:41pm PST 
well I need a foster or potential adopter for the amazing rain. she is an amazing dog, with a few twerks. she loves people of all ages and is great with babies. since she is so big however, she should be watched because she tends to knock things over with her tail. she knows over 30 commands, including all of the basics. however, she does have aggression problems and is EXTREMELY strong, so I would recommend people with experience with at least one of her breeds (pit bull/chow chow/german shepard. she does very well with a halite/head halter/gentle leader and I have found great success using it for training. she is slightly crate-trained even though she hates it. she oes great on and off leash if there are no small animals/dogs/people etc. she can be trained out of her aggression, I just don't have the time. she is not spayed, which may be a factor in her aggression problems-no money/time to get her spayed-also she wasn't very well socialized as a pup. she isn't so good around other pets unless theyre dogs. it will take awhile but she will be good with family dogs. for some reason she is great with puppies most of the time. I would like to point out that her aggression is completely toward other ANIMALS and NOT toward humans AT ALL unless it is COMPLETELY an accident or a DANGEROUS PERSON. she does have a skin problem. why am I giving her up at all you ask? well we are in a bad position right now and we have no time for her anymore and I feel that she isn't getting the proper attention and care that she needs and deserves. we are located in Carlsbad, california and I would be very thankful if it was a local or somewhat local adopter/fosterer. I would prefer a foster in case we have the option to get her back in the late future because she is a great dog and it is really tough seeing her go. if you have any questions/suggestions, don't hesitate to post in the comments below! thank you for your time and all help is appreciated! big grin

Barked: Sat Feb 2, '13 8:11pm PST 
Well I got some great tips from a VERY helpful dogster, and I would like to add some details.
Name: Rain
Age: 2.5
breed: Pit bull, Chow Chow, German Shepard cross
Size: i'm 5'4 and shes up to my thigh
Good with cats: never been around cats
Good with dogs: it takes time, training, and treats
Prey drive: high
Destructive: when bored
separation anxiety: slight
good with kids: EXTREMELY she LOVES kids
good with babies: LOVES babies
good with seniors: strong tail and loves to paw at feet so she might trip them
Spayed: no
aggression: she needs work
strength: EXTREMELY strong. needs somebody with experience with one of her breeds
medical issues: skin problems, iodine and tea tree oil mixed with water is what we use and it works (cant afford percription)

These are some extra details that I could think of! My mom is going to take her to the pound if I don't find a home for her soon, so all help is appreciated thank you all so much!

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