Highly Fearful Dog!!!

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Barked: Fri Jan 11, '13 11:46am PST 
I adopted (took in) a highly fearful dog two months ago. Who knows his story, but terrified doesn't even explain it. He is beyond it... Of everything. Not just a few things. He has really come around to me, but is still terrified of my husband, unless he's on his dog bed. He hasn't left that bed since I got him, except to go out with me or when I have to drag him to the car for the vet. He has not seen any other part of the house except where he lays, which is at the front of the house.

My question is when do I start making him go to different parts of the house? Do I force him to or let more time pass and hope he gets the courage up to check it out for himself? He takes treats from me, or eats them if dropped, but not when I am making him do things, such as go to the car. And I have yet to be able to lure him from the bed.


Barked: Fri Jan 11, '13 2:39pm PST 
I would post this in Behavior and Training, that tends to be a more active forum. I would also recommend checking out the Fearful Dogs Blog at http://fearfu ldogs.wordpress.com/ (just take out the space in the url).

Two months is not a lot of time. Ezra wasn't settled in by then, and he's pretty much an issue free dog. I definitely wouldn't force your dog to do anything.

Is there a treat he really really really loves? You could try leaving it somewhere away from his dog bed, and ignoring it, and just seeing what he does. Good luck!

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Barked: Tue Jan 15, '13 9:24pm PST 
At around what age do you think is the dog? And as the previous poster commented, your dog may not have fully adjusted to your home, as well as to your husband. I would also like to ask if your husband makes an effort to interact with your dog?

As for your question, don't force your dog to go to the different parts of the house as this may add more stress on him and it might just end up making him a lot more fearful than he already is. Wait a little longer.


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Barked: Wed Jan 16, '13 12:03pm PST 
Sophie was literally wrapped around my legs-and she's a fairly big girl so it was tricky-for a good year before she started to relax a bit. She would tremble with the family, strangers and even nothing at all. Four years later she still makes wide circles around strangers and the cats still intimidate her, but with family she's wonderful. It just takes time and patiencelittle angel