Educating the Dog-Fighting Public??!!!?!

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Maple Leaf

Where's the- Squirrel?!
Barked: Tue Dec 18, '12 5:49pm PST 

I learned of a community of dog-fighters in our area today.. Of course I was first mad, then sad and now I want to educate them!!!!!!!!!!!
I'd like to do a seminar of some sort [coming from a behaviorist and veterinary assistant], however, I'm not sure exactly how to make this fit.. Does anyone have suggestions on topics or how to bring this into a seminar for education?
There are a few businesses that I'd like to conduct the seminars in, so need to certainly keep it light while still addressing this major problem.

I will be doing some internet research in the meantime, but am looking forward to hearing suggestions!! As any animal lover, animal welfare is near and dear to me.. I want to help these poor dogs. I'm determined and sure that there IS SOMETHING I can do.. Thank you in advance.

Location- Georgia, USA
Tiller- (Skansen's- Ira in the M

I DO Exist...To- Drive You Batty
Barked: Tue Dec 18, '12 6:19pm PST 
I really loathe to say something so negative, but you can't educate them. They view their dogs strictly for fighting. Some very professional outfits are very avid about breeding a great fighting dog and are proud of what they do. More inner city cultures are pretty famed for torturing losing dogs to their deaths. Kids get little puppies and will start abuse from a young age, as all they care about is that a dog will fight. The fight is the point, not the dog. The dog is the vehicle. He is of no emotional value unless he is, or promises to be, a winner.

You need to, you must, report signs of suspicious activity. Making areas more hostile to conduct fights is often our best tool of defense. The Georgia law states:

"any person who owns, possesses, trains, transports, or sells any dog with the intent that such dog shall be engaged in fighting with another dog, wagers money or anything of value on the result of such dogfighting, knowingly permits dogfighting on his or her premises, knowingly promotes or advertises an exhibition of fighting commits the offense of dogfighting. Violation of the law is a felony, with a mandatory fine of $5,000.00 or a mandatory fine of $5,000.00 in addition to imprisonment for not less than one year nor more than five years. On a second or subsequent conviction, such person shall be punished by imprisonment of not less than one nor more than ten years, a fine of not less than $15,000.00, or both such fine and imprisonment. Any person who is knowingly present only as a spectator at any place for the fighting of dogs shall, upon a first conviction thereof, be guilty of a misdemeanor of a high and aggravated nature." from animallaw.com.

911 is your best weapon. The HSUS also has the HSUS Dogfighting Hotline - 1-877-847-4787, to report activity with a $5,000 reward attached.

They have an inner city program which is geared to get to the kids in the inner city before they start, teaching them other ways to train, develop and compete with their Pit Bulls, such as agility, which gives them a sense of accomplishment and pride in what they do. You may want to ask if you could speak at the schools to the little people, who are the next generation. Have someone bring a well trained Pit Bull along who can do obedience and tricks that the kids can participate in as well. Or speak to your local Humane Society or ASPCA about doing the same.

I cannot say it enough....these tougher laws have been HARD fought for. We need to put them to use. Dog fighting must be reported. So much blood, sweat and tears are behind these tougher laws, and in many instances their value rests with local citizens, willing to speak up and alert law enforcement.

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Barked: Thu Dec 20, '12 5:54am PST 
To add to Tiller's excellent advice: Remember, these people are not just unkind to animals. They are criminals. You need to stay away from them for your own safety.

Call 911. Call HSUS. Use the laws we have.

Maple Leaf

Where's the- Squirrel?!
Barked: Thu Dec 20, '12 7:43am PST 
As soon as I had the thought of trying to educate them .. I had an inlay that there isn't much you can say to them...
It doesn't make sense to try changing their minds through education at the point they've gotten to.
Thanks for the reminder.

Such a shame.

I will be happy to educate the little ones wink and know plenty of well behaved Pitties and AmStaffs. Thanks again.

forever loved
Barked: Thu Dec 20, '12 9:26am PST 
I hope you are going to report them if you actually know which people are doing this...

bitches love- pantaloons
Barked: Thu Dec 20, '12 10:18am PST 
When my Aunt was living in an apartment, she turned in neighbors who were dogfighting and she got death threats. She didn't say how they knew it was her. Maybe she said something to them in passing before, who knows. The point is- DO NOT engage with them, do not give them any clue you are suspicious or aware of what they are doing- it will not go well for YOU. Remember, it's not just them involved. They have friends too. Call a shelter that has a cruelty investigation team, call the police. Tell them you suspect they are involved with dogfighting if you have no hard proof and explain why you are suspicious. Let them deal with it.

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Tiller- (Skansen's- Ira in the M

I DO Exist...To- Drive You Batty
Barked: Thu Dec 20, '12 11:43am PST 
Yes. I agree. Don't call attention to yourself, but please DO be a responsible dog loving citizen. There is no need for you to investigate further. That is what the police are for. Any suspicion, stay on the down low and call 911. Let them sort it. If you have actual names, I'd call the HSUS Hotline, and if you get a reward donate it to PB rescue.

But NOT doing something isn't the answer. It's not your burden to bear and get involved in something, in any way, that brushes you against a criminal element. But "street talk" and general neighborhood awareness are things that might be held from law enforcement. They need to know. Much work went behind getting these laws toughened. It's up to us to appreciate them and to alert those who can investigate further and do something if something is to be done.

Dog fighting is *not legal* in this country and is a platform of horrible abuse. I really was frustrated on all the Michael Vick tirades, as to focus on that one person alone, now he's under the microscope, and there is some feeling that the dogs no longer suffer. They DO. I saw nothing....absolutely NOTHING....in the Vick reports that were surprising to me in any way, other than he moved onto far better ways to gain acclaim and respect and yet still continued to fight dogs. As far as his acts, though, dogs go through this EVERY DAY! Some far worse so than Michael Vick's dogs did. Kids getting hapless puppies and starting to beat them from day one. Little eight week old puppies, who are kept in abandoned houses and used until they are killed.

Dog lovers should not be enablers to this sort of thing. Call the police.

Giant Shih Tzu
Barked: Thu Dec 20, '12 12:30pm PST 
People who fight dogs are sociopaths. There is no educating them, and no rehabilitating them (much unlike the dogs they coldly abuse). I recently watched a documentary on dog fighting - a lot of undercover footage - and when one man's dog was mauled to death, a dog he raised from a puppy, he coldly stated, "Good to get more chain space."


It ain't over- till the fat- kitty sings
Barked: Thu Dec 20, '12 12:46pm PST 
It's more a legal matter than educating people...you can't get a group of dealers together and sermonize why drugs are a bad thing. There can be good money to be made in dog fighting, only being led off in cuffs to jail time and stiff fines is going to change their minds about their "sport".
Maggie (I'm- Moms Angel- Now)

Punish the DEED- NOT The Breed!!!
Barked: Thu Dec 20, '12 12:50pm PST 
Many years ago I met a dog fighter or should I say a retired one. He had dogs that had bloodlines going back 18+ generations and what made him quit was when his son was born with brain cancer. He had one female that was over 15 years old and was still producing quality and quantity liters and he was getting good prices for them. He told us that his dad and grandpa were both fighters and they were disapointed when he retired from fighting but he told them that he was more concerned about his child than the family business
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