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Barked: Wed Nov 28, '12 6:39am PST 
Im doing more research as you have all instructed. Right now im going to work on learning about each piece of the breed and the standards begging witht he head then ears eyes muzzle then move to the body structure etc....
THE APBT IS no more A HEAD BREED than any other.
The APBT IS A COMPLETE TOTAL AND BALANCED DOG!- HEAD structure is important but not overwhelmingly so! A massive skull has a negative impact on a breed because of the added weight without proportionate increase in strength.

In actual practice, a dog with a small head with proper structural mechanics, has the advantage and should be preferred to a dog with a massive head that does not fulfill all of the structural requirements.
Bitches with overly doggy heads should not be considered

Males with overly bitchy heads should not be considered

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Barked: Wed Nov 28, '12 9:10am PST 
Well, I don't know pitties at all. I know one breed very well, and that's the breed I chose.

Learning the standard for your breed is pretty much step one. I read the standard for my breed once a month or so. They probably have an illustrated breed standard somewhere.

Also, you'll find that every breeder interprets the standard differently except for the disqualifying faults. What you IMHO should do is find a breeder who shows and is a member of the breed club who produces dogs that you like and go from there.

You may also want to become a member of the breed club yourself so that you can get as much advice as possible. There may be a local chapter in your area, which you can google, and that's also a great place to start. usually, breed clubs LOVE LOVE LOVE new members. I know mine does.

Something else to keep in mind is that structure and the standard is only one *very* small piece of the puzzle as I mentioned. Health and correct temperament is also vital to preserving a breed, which is the whole purpose of the breed standard, anyway. I knew a lady who chose not to breed her group winning female because of temperament issues, so just because you show doesn't mean you have to breed necessarily.

Health is a big deal. Really big. I don't know what health issues pitbulls have, but you don't want to be that breeder who has to explain to tearful puppy buyers why their puppies all have (insert x defect here). Most pet people just want a good dog with sound mind and body.

That's really about the best advice I can give you. You really need to start emailing people who are involved in pitbulls and go from there. Get active by going to shows and getting to know people.
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Barked: Wed Nov 28, '12 9:31am PST 
Buddy, I gather you are quite young? Channel that passion, find a good mentor and do some dog activities with them BEFORE getting ANY dog. Your whole eye will change as you gain experience and what you think you want today will not be what you really want your line to look like after some study and experience.
BTW... quoting ANYTHING word for word is plagiarism (and, is illegal), whether it be on the internet or anywhere else. When you quote something you MUST give the source where you got it from.

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Barked: Wed Nov 28, '12 3:55pm PST 
Toto knows of what she speaks. It takes a while to learn good structure. And really, until your eye is trained for structure, you should refrain from breeding as you don't have the eye for it. Such as in how to correct that shoulder, or better that ear set and so on. It is something that sounds really easy, but taking one good looking dog and breeding it to another good looking dog can result in a dog that's a structural mess. Good mentorship helps, also maybe going to shows, examining win photos and such and figuring things out. Why did this dog get put up? You should be able to look at any dog and see the faults, because no dog is perfect. Every dog has points that can be improved. That trained eye would make you a MUCH better breeder, and when you are looking at a breed so heavy, structural correction is all the more important.

Also, you should involve yourself in activities to get to know drives and personalities better. You need to understand the balances to be a good breeder also. And that's pretty exciting stuff, too. A fun learning experience, and if you do decide to go ahead and breed, you'll be a lot more discerning, and end up with these awesome sound temperaments, and good drives too, so you are not only breeding porch potatoes, you know?

I think anyone who breeds should have performance titled a dog, just because you understand then better how the pieces of personality and temperament come together.
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Barked: Wed Nov 28, '12 4:02pm PST 
.....I also wanted to add, you are so LUCKY to have Toto on this thread. I hope she won't mind, but she's a really successful dog breeder. Not only have her dogs done a lot of winning, but they have really sound minds and are as healthy as dogs can be. That was when she was with Labs. She's with Poodles now, but her Labs are definitely a name you know.

If you want to create your own line some day, you are talking to the right person in her. If you click on her page, you'll see a black puppy. That's hers, but she didn't breed it. She's retired from breeding Labs now, but was able to go and get a puppy from HER OWN LINES! I mean, isn't that amazing? To create a line so solid, that you can retire from it, go onto something else, and your line is still alive and well because it had the quality for other people to continue with it because the dogs were so outstanding.

So listen to her. She knows.
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Barked: Wed Nov 28, '12 4:54pm PST 
I'm a little confused too, btw..

You can't SHOW a rescue dog unless it's papered, etc.

Also... Isn't there A LOT of controversy over the Gotti pit bulls too? About the background of their breeding to create dogs so... I don't know... Disproportionately 'intimidating' looking? Can these lines even be shown through any Kennel Club? I've seen proper-bred APBT's with excellent breeding put behind them, and lots of thought and care into their HEALTH and temperament, and they certainly didn't/don't look anything like Gotti's.. Maybe Tiller or Toto can confirm that for me, or push that aside as nonsense if it is, but that is my understanding of the Gotti's..

I'd be wary of many of their training styles, when they refer to 'leader of the pack' and other such things too.. I mean, they seem to think Cesar's dog Junior is a well-balanced Pit Bull, even though half the time, Junior is INTIMIDATED by his own owner? I don't think a dog that is stressed out by his owner could really be considered 'well balanced'.

If you're truly interested, please let Tiller and Toto help you in finding a proper breeder and mentor, and help you on the right path.
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