How to introduce my first rescue dog to my (probable) second rescue dog

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Libby is a 4 year old husky mix. She is active and playful and very sweet. And I've wanted a second dog for a long time, to keep her company and to give a good dog a home. So I've been watching the rescue sites for a while, and one day I came across a senior dog, roughly eight years old. She's at county Animal Control. She's very sweet. My adoption application has been approved. So how do I introduce these two in a way that is conducive to them sharing a home?
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I would take your current dog with you for a visit, maybe more than one visit. It worked for us each time we've added another dog. Worst case, if they don't get along, you should know before you bring your new dog home and you wouldn't have to take the new one back. Good Luck! smile

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If possible, let them meet outdoors in a neutral area before bringing the new one to the house. I've had good success with walking dogs new to eachother outdoors side by side first where there are few distractions. No head-on introductions, that can be either a bit intimidating or confrontational. I start a ways apart and get closer, going in the same direction so it takes two handlers. Just let them walk naturally side by side as relaxed as possible. Once they start sniffing eachother, you're well on your way and can give it a shot indoors at the house if the dogs seem ok together.

Best of luck to you and thanks for rescuing!


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I'll just tell you about my choices about introductions then you can make your own. My Sophie is a sweetie too. But I knew taking her anywhere near a shelter would scare her-strange people, strange smells, the howl of other dogs. But I knew when she feels safe and happy, off leash and a fairly quiet enviroment she enjoys the company of other dogs.
Callie picked me but I thought he'd be good with Sophie. The opposite gender and an age difference is usually suggested. She is around 4 and he is between puppy age and 1. Because they are both bullies they're well matched with play style.
I brought Callie home and introduced them in the backyard. Sophie isn't territorial and I brought him through the side gate and her out from the house. It's recommended to take dogs for a walk together to meet. I just knew there are way too many triggers for Sophie so that wasn't the way for us to go. I was also prepared to break them up if they had a problem. Fortunately they got along beautifully from the beginning so we were just lucky.