It's funny how things work out...

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Barked: Mon Oct 29, '12 7:08am PST 
Well, I was originally going to get a standard poodle from a breeder, then I decided to adopt. Unfortunately, due to car trouble and loads of medical bills, that didn't work out either. I was venting my frustration to my therapist when she mentions that she has a dog she needed to rehome because she and her family couldn't give her the life she deserved. While Pippi isn't what I was originally planned, so far things seem to be working out just fine smile.
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That's awesome. Some things happen for a reason. Good Luck with her! smile
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Barked: Mon Oct 29, '12 1:04pm PST 
Aww congrats i hope everything works out for your new addition!!

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Barked: Tue Oct 30, '12 12:23am PST 
It IS funny how things work out sometimes. big grin We were looking at getting a German Shepherd but nothing ever seemed to work out. We were then told of someone who had a German Shepherd available, but by the time we arrived, they had already sent him on his way to a new home. On our way back to the car dealership(we were in the process of buying me a car), we stopped at an Afghan Hound breeders place(although we didn't know that's what it was at the time)and found Natasha there hiding behind an Afghan. The breeder gave Natasha to us for free because he was unable to sell her, probably due to her being fearful of men and her surroundings(next to a loud, busy road). I had never before thought about Rough Collies or even researched the breed because I just wasn't interested in them. But now, four months later, she's my perfect dog. way to go

I hope everything continues to go well with you and Pippi. big grin

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Barked: Tue Oct 30, '12 2:15pm PST 
I totally know the feeling! I was doing a trial with a dalmatian who wasn't working out. My roommate's dog had to go to the vet. That happened to be the day that Maddox's was put up for adoption. I was reluctant to look at dogs, but I had just made the decision to give the dal back because it wasn't working out, so I looked, and fell in love. Two days later he was mine.
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Congratulations!big grin

My second dog was supposed to be a Greyhound laugh out loud Never in a million years would I have considered a Chihuahua, yappy , snappy, little ankle biters they were .... not!

Princesse has been an ideal match for our family. A tiny dog who is equally happy cuddling on the couch with hubby or up for a nice long walk with me. A dog who is portable and adorable. A soothing, calm contrast to my other, high prey, reactive dog.

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