Just adopted a young dog need some help...

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Barked: Fri Oct 12, '12 9:06am PST 
HI, I have a questions about myjust adopted young dog. I have a dog but i got her since she was a baby so I know her but this dog i just adopted was running on the streets for a few days after chasing her forever I finally took her home, gave her a bath and took her to the vet (he said the dog is a schnauzer/yorkie mix). Al that happened yesterday we were back home around 6 pm and the dog was so scared and didnt trust me I spend lots of time with her on my lap caring about her being sweet and she started being a bit friendlier, when it was time to sleep she was so scared to get into my room, whenever i call her she would wanna come but got scared and went back to the living room, she have been sleeping a lot, does not play didnt wana eat and al she does is sleep, she seems to be two years old so she is not too old to be that tired..my question is...is that normal? is she going to be happy and all frienfly ? i understand she probably went trho some abuse or trauma and that makes me sad, I just hope she recovers and start getting closer to me, now as im typing she just came to sleep nex to me thats a good sign but I wonder if she is just getting used to my place or what.. Thanks for reading ...

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Barked: Fri Oct 12, '12 10:33am PST 
Hi, April.wave Thank you for taking in this poor scared creature and all you are doing to try to help her! She's so lucky that you found her.

First, please do consider that this little dog might have an owner somewhere that is searching for her. Things happen; dogs slip out of doors, kids accidentally leave doors open, dogs get scared, dogs start running and get lost.... Presumably, you found the dog with no ID attached frown and the vet, hopefully, has already checked her for a microchip. If the vet didn't do that, you should ask the vet or a local shelter to do that. Also, you should (in most places you are legally obligated) report the found dog to your local animal control shelter. To be extra sure, you might also: report the found dog to shelters within a certain radius of where she was located; report to vet facilities within a certain radius; post an ad in your local newspaper, Craigslist, and/or post some flyers in the area.

In the meantime, it's wonderful that you are giving great care to this dog. If I were you, I'd call back the vet that already has checked her out, and discuss your concerns about her health (like sleeping excessively). Since the vet has recently had her for an office visit, he/she will probably be happy to talk with you about additional concerns, and advise if another visit or other steps are necessary.

As far as her behavior, she's obviously gone through a lot of stress (having been out on the streets for an unknown period), and now is in an unfamiliar place, unsure of what is going on. In the ensuing days and weeks (if her owner doesn't turn up), you will get to know her better. She may relax and come out of her shell. It might take some time. Just keep practicing patience and kindness, and know that Dogsters will be here to support you. Please keep us updated! blue dog

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She may be a lost dog or may be a dumped dog. Either way she may have been chased off from other places. She's pretty small and may have been constantly on guard to protect herself and is just exhausted. It might be helpful to get her a crate (can just be a cheap WalMart crate until you see if someone claims her, add bedding and make her a safe place she likes and feels secure it. You can put little treats in it and leave the door open and not push her staying in it until she is ok with it. I think she's just really stressed and will quickly see you as a safe and caring person and settle down. She's probably really missing someone and will fill that void with you with time.


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Thanks for your responses...in the last few hours she started waving her tail when i talk to her and right about now she came to me and I was typing wanted to play...she is very sweet but starting to act...ill keep asking around to see if i can find her home, she must be from far away or gone for a few days cause she was dirty but im glad she is getting excited...she also had two bites thats a great sign also..i cant wait to see her fully recovery thanks for your responses ! i will post about her later !!!!!!!!! thanks a lot! I was worried...