Following Your Gut Instincts Sometimes

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It ain't over- till the fat- kitty sings
Barked: Tue Oct 9, '12 2:09pm PST 
I brought our Callie home today. The thing I was nailbiting worried about was how to introduce him to Sophie. The definite pluses are that he's a boy and a bit smaller than her. At the dog park Sophie hangs with the teacups and little dogs very happily. Any confrontation has always been with dogs that were bigger.
Books and trainers will tell you to introduce dogs on neutral territory and on leash. The problem being that Sophie is hyper reactive to noise, strangers, dogs onleash...if she is on leash and another dog bigger than teacup is on leash she sounds like Cujo. Take off the leashes and she's happy happy waggy waggy.
So I held my breath and decided the place Sophie is most comfortable is our backyard. It's fenced and secluded.
So I brought Callie around to the backyard then brought Sophie out...And they did BEAUTIFULLY together. Callie seems like the totally calm subdued type. The shelter was next to a shooting range so I guess he learned not to get fazed by noise. Sophie was bouncing and play bowing all over then getting him to play tag. But no barking, no growling...he's very happy to follow her around getting a tour of the house.
I guess some extra walks are in order tonight. I'm doing one thing suggested by the books. Letting them have treats side by side, and all is right with the worldhappy dancehappy dancehappy dancesnoopysnoopyhamster dance