Rocket Needs a Home URGENT

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Hello, my name is Jacquelyn Nikitaras and I am a volunteer at the Porter County animal shelter in Valparaiso, Indiana. I am trying to find a rescue/foster home to take in a young, pit bull terrier mix named Rocket. Rocket is an approximately three year old, twenty pound female and has been at the shelter since February of this year. She is up to date on her shots. I do believe she is spayed, but I am not completely positive. During her stay at the shelter, I have grown very attached to Rocket. She is sweet, lively, and obedient. She loves to destroy chew toys, explore the outdoors, and play in water. She knows sit but would rather lie down and roll on her back hoping for a belly rubs.

However, not many adopters have the privilege of seeing that side of her. Rocket is very dog-reactive. In her the cage, Rocket will lunge at any dog that passes. She also has a tendency to try and force her way out of her cage, which can make her difficult for some to handle. When she is outside though, all I have to do is call her name and she will ignore any other dog and come to me. Few of the employees have taken the time to get to know this amazing dog and do not take the time to work with her. My shelter is no-kill for adoptable dogs, but Rocket is in the "Grey-area" of being adoptable because of her dog reactiveness. While I do not believe that she could ever live with another dog, I do think that once out of the shelter environment she will be a wonderful dog for a single-pet home. She has never shown any human aggression whatsoever and will even let me carry her and roll her on to her back. Unfortunately, I have other dogs so I can not take her.

I have contacted all the rescues in my area and have had no luck. I am continuing to advertise her as much as possible. I've exhausted so many options and I'm getting desperate to find Rocket a home. I have grown really attached to her and am really desperate to get her out of the shelter environment. She has so much potential to be a great pet but the shelter that she is currently at just doesn't let her show it.

If there is any way that you or a rescue you know can take in Rocket, please contact Porter County Animal Shelter at (219)465-3550. I am willing to help arrange transport.

Here is Rocket's Petfinder page; http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/17788768

Feel free to share this with whomever.
Rocket Girl

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I made an account for her. Please help!
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Have you tried contacting "Pit Bulls and Parolees"?
P.O. Box 771127
New Orleans, LA. 70177
It's a long shot, but they might be able to help. I know they have email, but I don't know what it is.
Good Luck!

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You can also try this rescue.
I know they have a waiting list, but it might be worth a try.
Best Friends Animal Society
5001 Angel Canyon Road
Kanab, Utah 84741-5000
Main phone: (435) 644-2001
Email: info@bestfriends.org