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Good afternoon! Here I'll let you all know what's going on- my family and I used to have a wonderful Bichon Frise named Francine (this was 2005-2011). When my mom passed in 2011 I was 17, no place of my own, no anything, really, so in everything that was going on, Francine was given to a Bichon rescue in Iowa (I still live here in Iowa too). In my carelessness after my mom's passing I threw away a lot I regret and the papers we got describing the adoption were included. I now can't locate the rescue that was used. I have such guilt in losing that last contact with the dog I loved so much, so I thought I'd try posting in this forum to see if anyone could help me find a way to locate Francine. I don't want to take her away from her new family, but knowing that she made it to a good home is really what I'm trying to find. If anyone is in Iowa, this adoption would have been in Sept or Oct of 2011. Or if anyone has a list of bichon rescues in Iowa? I've been searching online and have only found one, and they don't have any record. Couldn't hurt to ask, right?