Thought we rescued a poodle mix, but people keep telling me she is a Portuguese Water Dog?

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big hug

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I can't get your photo links to work on this computer, but I can speak to other aspects of your post.

PWDs have been increasingly popular due to their do-it-all nature, low-shed coats and the fact that the Obamas have one. Even before that, though, I would meet people who purchased a PWD because they saw one who was a therapy dog and wanted one just like it. No reputable breeder would place a dog in a home soley because the people saw one who was a therapy dog. There are loads of back-yard breeders and puppy mills responding to the increased demand for PWDs. They are out there.

They are not a common breed, but they are certainly not rare in the sense that an Italian Water Spaniel or Cannaan Dog is rare. Breeds like those are so rare that the show breeders covet them, adopting only to good breeding homes or carefully screened pet homes on spay/neuter contracts. You almost never see them outside the show ring and they certainly aren't running around making puppies with other strays. PWDs are way more common than that.

Shelters often just guess at a dog's breed when it's turned in. In the case of a $2k dog, one of two things happened: She got loose and wandered so far from home that her family didn't call the right shelters. Without a microchip or ID, there's no way to find her family. Or she was purchased as a status symbol but turned out to need too much attention, so she was dumped (Fox is one of these, x5). People who like to shell out a ton of money for a display piece don't like it when that piece needs daily training and exercise to keep it from destroying other expensive display pieces such as cars, shoes, handbags and furniture. Depressing, but true.

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In addition to what Fox said, our current president currently has a Portuguese water dog, making them that much more popular and more likely to be purchased by any and everyone, especially people who really don't know what having a dog really entails. Stupid? Absolutely.

As for your precious pooch, I would say there is a good chance she is a Portuguese water dog. At any rate, she is not a purebred poodle. Her nose is too short for that. Though your pup also doesn't have the more barrel body I see on other Portuguese water dogs... From the shoulder down her body looks more like a poodle to me, but I am certainly not a breed expert. shrug

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I breed and show poodles and she looks like a Portie to me, not right at all for a poodle which is supposed to be square (she is much longer than she is high), and the ear leathers are much too short as well. Also, she has a pretty thick head for a poodle.