Surprising happy ending for local shelter dog

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Barked: Sat Sep 22, '12 10:35am PST 
This winter when Bunny went to OB class, there was a Bearded Collie Mix seized from a hoarder. Our local shelter took her and she had 9 puppies. The puppies were all adopted but the mother was very scared , and skittish. She also had a growth that appeared to be cancer. Finally the shelter decided that she was unadoptable and I was sure that she had been put down. frown Last night I brought Bunny to the dog park and saw a dog in this distance that looked like M but I thought, it can't be. Eventually she made her way over to our part of the dog park and she and Bunny said their doggie hellos. I asked the couple what the dog's name was, and they said A but it used to be M. It was the Bearded Collie Mixhappy dance They couple fostered her, had the growth removed and decided to adopt herway to go The growith was cancer and the vet said it would most likely come back but he could operate again. I had fallen in love with this dog but I knew I wasnt in any postion to take her. I was so happy to know that she hadnt been put down and was with wonderful peoplecheerhappy dancesnoopy
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Yay!! cheer party

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happy danceI just love HAPPY ENDINGS!!!!!!!!!smile

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Just Perfect !!!!!!!!!!!!


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partyparty What a great ending! Those people are true angels! partyparty
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It's always nice to hear good news! cheercheercheercheer
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That's fantastic!!