Colorado Wildfires

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If you have been watching the news you may of heard about the fires in Colorado. They are bad fires, the biggest in state history. Many people and their pets have lost their homes and have been evacuated.

I am providing links to places where you can donate.

Humane Society Pikes Peak Region, they are taking in evacuees pets and are asking for donations to help.

Colorado Red Cross Chapter
http://www.coloradoredcross.org/general_calltoaction.asp?CT A=1&SN=5831&OP=6319&IDCapitulo=Q4Q26NY21N

Boulder Humane Society, they currently still have 6 pets in their care from the fires.
https://www.kintera.org/AutoGen/Simple/Donor.asp?ievent=4408 49&en=qlITK3MUIgLOL6POIaLOLcNYKqJ3IcNQJjI1KhM5KvKdH

Larimer Humane Society, they took in 600 pets from the Fort Collins area. Many have been returned to their guardians. They need help covering expenses and helping people and their pets recover.


I hope all dogsters are safe. I live in Colorado. I am currently safe but live in a red zone for Forest Fires. It's been very dry in the state and we have dead trees from pine beetles. It's only June and there have already been 2 record breaking fires. I feel bad for the people who have lost their homes. Thankfully not many lives have been lost and people where evacuated safely.