my boxer lily

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In 2009 my sister decided to adopt a dog from these people that her ex boyfriend had met through work. When she brought this dog home it was instant love in the whole family. This dog clang to my sister's shoulder like a baby would cling to its mother. We had the astounding pleasure of watching her grow up and become a bulking athlete of a boxer. She would run and play and be the happiest dog you would have ever known. Unfortunately today she went after the post lady. This post lady was very kind to lily and always has been she has never been overly scared of lily and lily has always been lovely with her. But today lily jumped down off a wall in the front yard to see the post lady. Scared, the post lady threw her mail in the air and started screaming. Lily circled her while my sister tried to get between the dog and the post lady. Lily bit the lady on her hands and forearms multiple times. Our mother who owns the house has decided to put lily down. My two sisters and I don't want that to happen. So we are searching for a place that she can go. we have ten days before they euthanize our tiger lily. We need help to find a home for lily. Any help will be much appreciated

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You can try contacting rescues to see if they would be able to take her in. Best Friends is the only I know of right off-hand that can take difficult cases. Honestly though, many will not be able or willing to take in a dog that attacked someone. There are not many people who are capable of giving such a dog the care and behavioral training it will take to rehab her, not to mention insurance. I try to give dogs the benefit of the doubt, and look into why it happened...but Lily sounds dangerous. Imo, you may need to accept what happened, I think your mother is doing what she thinks is best...and she may be right. That said, I was not there, I do not know the dog personally; but still it will be up to you contacting rescues who may take her, please do not give her away without fully disclosing what happened.