My pup's mix - any guesses?

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Energizer Bunny
Barked: Thu May 24, '12 11:23am PST 
Adopted my girl, Abby, from a rescue group a little over two months ago. According to the group she and her sisters were rescued from a high kill shelter in (I believe) NC when they were about 8 wks old. They basically said she's a mixture of hounds, they thought beagle and treeing walker coonhound and the shelter itself had just told them "beagle."

She does have some of the traits of a TWCH. Physically she has the smooth, glossy coat and the type of tail, and behaviorally she loves to tree squirrels (even tries to climb the trees). She's very energetic and if she gets bored she'll tend to get a little destructive. Loves to run and go for long walks. But I also believe she is part american foxhound. Someone from the am foxhound association said they think she has the head of a foxhound, but the body of a harrier or TWCH. The thing I'm curious about is she's pretty small. At a little over 7 months old, she's about 17 inches at the shoulder and weighs around 30 lbs. Wondering if the smaller size could be due to some beagle or she could just be a runt?

I have some pics and a video of her on her profile page. Anyone here have any guesses about her mix? Just got one of those DNA test kits but not sure how accurate they are...
Cider- Doughnut- Shenanigans

Barked: Sat May 26, '12 5:17pm PST 
Awwww she's cute! She looks similar to Cider who as far as we can tell is definitely Brittany, with maybe English Pointer and/or Foxhound
* Penny Lane- Adopted

I am Superdog
Barked: Sat May 26, '12 6:23pm PST 
Harriers are not large dogs, they are between a beagle and foxhound when it come to size. 17 inches at 7 months is fairly typical for the female harriers I have seen. I would go with a beagle/harrier/foxhound cross.


Spreading Smiles- As A Tribute For- Lexi
Barked: Sun May 27, '12 8:24pm PST 
I would guess Beagle, pointer and red tick hound