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Skeeter Boo- Boo

Barked: Tue May 22, '12 11:35am PST 
Hi , I have Skeeter like 9yrs . I found out I had gotten Alergys to Dogs and Cats and My Grandson Has Astma ;-( NO PET ( Grandson lives with me ) I let someone I Thought would give a Good Home have him and found out he has Not had it good :'-( So I took him back ( it was a family member ) and Now he needs Shots which if I cant find home befor Saturday I have set up to get them , But really need home Now for him , PLEASE if you know a Great Family for him I would be so Greatful as would Skeeter , you can see pics of him on his Profile , Please Contact me at angelkayann@comcast.net Im in Jacksonville Beachs Fla.
Angel Annie

Sweet As An- Angel !
Barked: Tue May 22, '12 11:42am PST 
Also looking for a Great Home For Angel , :'-( It Breaks my heart :'-( as I was told Poodles Wer Hyperalergenic which turns out Not to be true so Im not aloud to keep her ether :'-( She is Very Small Poodle and Very Very Lovable
Located In Atlantic Beach Fla. also , Thanks and God Bless
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Barked: Tue Jun 12, '12 2:44pm PST 
Madison, our seven year old piebald dachshund, is being evicted from our co-op in New York City. She has a history of biting and so we are having a hard time finding a home for her. Any advice on where we can turn would be greatly appreciated.


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Barked: Tue Jun 12, '12 6:16pm PST 
I would try to find a breed specific rescue that will accept your dogs. But the dog with a history of biting may be hard to place since most rescues are hesitant to take in known biters(liability issues). But please be honest with them about it, it's never a good idea to hide this important information from them. There may be a rescue out there that employs someone with training and experience with dogs with behaviour issues like that.