Hannah Society ,Oregon a scam?

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Barked: Sat Mar 2, '13 2:37am PST 
I have a love hate relationship with Hannah Society heres my story.

We put my 12 yr. old Lab down in sep 2009 smile not only do to old age, just want to say that frown

In Nov 2010 or shortly around then at mall walking around saw puppies in this shop stopped by and talked a bit with people at Hannah about the who what where when and how there society worked...
oh yes one more bit of info; for the whole 11 yrs. 11 mos. our lab had Bandfiled pet iNS...
in 1998 it was about $19.99 then around 2003 about $27.00 then around 2007 something like 35.00 or so.

Then for about a three weeks or so after stopping by Hannah; went to the web site off and on; looking at dogs.

Then sometime in Dec this puppy caught my eye smile on the web site.

Few days later call about the puppy, and it just happen that the dog was at the malls site at that time.
Did our meet and greet; talked again with hannah about the ends and outs, and from my understanding the $ 600.00 would only out of our pocket if we did not stay with them for the 1st four mos. its for the little extra they send you home with when you pick up the dog, does seem little high...

Put some amount $ down to hold the dog; did the question-air online, a day or two made appt. to pick the dog and stuff up and sign paper work and pay the remainder of the cost.

Heres the kicker of my love hate story... three weeks later puppy mind you is 4 mos. old... running down chasing our other dog 7 yr. 11 lb. greyhound. (yes this dog also has Bandfield pet iNS... so we had two dog for 7 yrs. with pet INS) and puppy went to jump on to the couch as that is what the greyhound did.... and slipped and yelped! long story short; puppy dislocated and fractured is front leg elbow.

Puppy unable to walk on leg, Hannah wanted to wait a few weeks??? do to puppies age???? and old school x-rays did not show much do to the swelling...so after a few long talks some not being nice and spending $ at Bandield for better x-rays (puppy in so much pain puppy didn't even need meds to have x-rays at bandfield) a day or two later and had few other Vets look at them to get more information, just wasn't sure if what Hannah was telling me; being a dog owning and being around dogs my whole life. We were able to have puppy leg fixed smile

Hate is for what went thew on the leg thing...
Love is for leg was fixed by Hannah..
Love is for the LOVE we have for this dog we got from Hannah smile
Love is for I do not have to remember to go to store and buy dog food...
Love is for if i don't like what Im told I can go else where.
Hate is for I hate that sometimes the above does happen...
Love is for the price of good dog food and pet ins. Hannah really ant that bad; but this is from someone that has always had a payment for pet ins.
Hate is that you can't just add a pet for only dog food...
and thats my story...
and if I had to do it all over, I would still be with Hannah; sometimes just like with us humans we have to stand our ground with some health issues....

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Barked: Wed May 22, '13 9:15am PST 
I just found out dogster existed by searching Hannah Society.

The reason I searched it is I feel like it is a scam.

We have a 7 year old golden who we have trained, provided all his medical care, etc. In January we decided to get another dog and we decided to rescue a dog. We have a sweet german short hair mix who has shown us he can be trained but is really stubborn. He has many achievements we are just struggling with his barking. Our neighbor's have Hannah (and love it) and they suggested that they may be able to help.

At the intake interview the lady suggested we sign up our 7 year old dog as well because we had nothing to lose if we chose not to sign him up we would get our deposit back. $58 later we agreed.

Fast forward to the dog check. Our 7 year old dog has his allergies under control, his own groomer, a vet we love.....so we told the vet the reason we are here is we want help with our rescue dog and we did tell the intake lady we weren't interested in signing our 7 year old dog up, but she said we had nothing to lose. As soon as we said that he did only one of the many tests he did to our 7 year old dog to our rescue dog (the hug test) and he had the even though our rescue had the same calm but nervous reaction and was kind of cold and said we can't help you.

When we left we asked for our refund and they seemed shocked and couldn't do it. Only one person could and they would have us call. We never got a call, so we called and never got a return phone call.

We are still waiting for our refund. Luckily I put in on a credit card and I have the original signed contract that stated we would get a refund so I disputed the charge.

It felt used car salesman like when I was there, hence the search post. The positive maybe this site will have helpful training tips for our rescue dog. smile

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I joined just to ask a question. The Hannah defender above says the only reasons Hannah needs to "own" the animals is to provide lower-cost healthcare and be able to send food.

Hmmm. Wouldn't just lowering prices accomplish the first? And Amazon does the second without demanding you sign your dog over to them. So please explain exactly why Hannah needs to "own" animals at all?

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I wanted to post in response to the fact that "Hannah Society" doesn't get puppies from breeders. Well they do. My mother breeds small breed dogs and every time she posts an ad for the puppies we always get a response from them wanting to know if we have any puppies left and if they could come out and evaluate them. So I just wanted to set the record straight, yes Hannah the Pet society does get puppies from breeders. And also in case anyone was wondering we didn't give them any puppies!

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Hannah Society should be ashamed of itself

To the people who love Hannah: If you purchased a Hannah Pet and your pet is completely healthy right now, sure you are happy with the company. Food delivered to your door and happy staff members to greet you and puppy on your visits.

The truth: my husband and I recently adopted a Hannah puppy.
Unfortunately they neglected to tell us about the insane cancellation policy and other financial obligations. When I called them, 2 days after picking up puppy, to ask for a copy of my full disclosure contract, they kept saying that there was a computer "glitch" and they were unable to access it. In the meantime, friends and colleagues who had heard we adopted from Hannah expressed their extreme concern because of all the horrible stories they had heard about Hannah. I began to worry myself and called 4 more times asking for my contract. I even went in and spoke with a manager who said it had been emailed to me and I must have overlooked it. However, no email, no contract. Finally my persistence paid off and I received an email from the Hannah Society with my "contract" attached. When I opened the document, it was my name FORGED along with a date stamp that does not even coincide with the date of purchase.
I was furious, I called over and over and finally spoke with a woman in the Vancouver location. (Notice how there are no head office numbers on their website, or 800 customer service numbers, or ANY numbers besides those of the placement and health centers. She admitted that an employee had illegally forged my name (a federal offense). I told her that we were extremely disappointed in how they went about our adoption process and no longer wanted any part of their company. I asked that our "contract" be null and void and we wanted to keep our sweet puppy. She said we still had to buy out the contract or pay the $600 minimum term agreement.. What's wrong with this picture?!

Unfortunately they did not care to make up for their horrible mistake. So we returned our new family member as it seemed the best way to get away from these people. They agreed to refund the fees we had already paid. Clearly the well being of these dogs is not the best interest of this business- only profit.

I suggest you ask for a print out of the full disclosure and read it carefully before adopting from Hannah.

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~ So I am new to this site...I started in today after reading this feed..Im only 21 and I have only ever had beta's and rats...I tried to treat my last rats like dogs and it was a devestation for my apt and more..So, I am barely makeing ends meet..never had a job...and on my own in a 1 bed..I need a theripy pet and I have warmed up really well to dogs..I want a good match thou..I dont know anything about caring for dogs other than what my family memebers tell me..and they spend thousands on vet bills and more it seems for there poodles, chauahas, and mini pocket terriers...I want a hunting dog, and a good match for home and lifestyle..i could do hours of reasearch, spend money on training and vets, and still not treat my first dog right..i know cuz it was that way with my first rat- thou she was my best girl and first love and best...I didnt treat her right- I need Hannah's Pet society for every service..without them..I could never become a dog owner!!!~
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