Rehoming my dog who bit someone in the Memphis Area willing to travel

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Barked: Sat May 5, '12 11:26pm PST 
My pit, Drizzt, just bit my step-brother (age 23; first time he has been in our house) and I am pregnant, do in Sept.  He is 3 years old, fixed male.

We have been very upset today, so we haven't made any calls. My husband will be calling the behaviorist that has worked with our dogs on fighting with each other. Drizzt (the one that bit today) clearly stole her heart. With me due in less than 4 months I know from working with our two dogs that within that time I will still feel stressed and fearing everything. I don't think it would be fair to Drizzt to have him musseled/ crated. It would be really helpful if you could try to help us find someone without any pets who is knowledgable and willing to take him in and love him. We are going to be asking our behaviorist the same thing. 

The animal shelter said because he is up to date on his shots, fixed, microchipped, and it happened at our house (and partly because I was very upset an clearly pregnant) they are allowing us to bring him to our vet on Monday. He will have to stay there 10 days to make sure there are no signs of rabies. From talking with the police and animal shelter guys I feel that this doesn't mean he should be put down but I still would like to re-home him with someone awesome. We are willing to drive to meet the right person. Please please help us. We are in the Memphis area and really will drive probably up to a 15 hour drive if needed, but if you know someone further let us know because we want the best for him.