5 month old, female, Greyhound mix looking for a forever home!

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Ke$ha - ADOPTED!!!

I am so sweet &- curious! ADOPT- ME!!! ♥
Barked: Sun Apr 15, '12 10:10am PST 
Meet Ke$ha! Ke$ha is my sweet foster dog. We've been fostering her since 2/28/12. I'm quickly getting too attached to her and I would like to see her go to a forever loving home soon! We can't adopt her because we already have 3 large dogs, but the longer she stays with us, the more I'm getting attached and it will be so hard to let her go! If anyone is interested in adopting her, please contact me. Also, please share with your friends and family members. Thank you! Oh, and be sure to check out her album and photos. There are more photos in her Dogster Plus Photo Album (link to that is under her name).

Ke$ha's Bio:
Ke$ha was picked up as a stray and then spent her time in the stray section at Salt Lake County Animal Services. After not being claimed, Hearts 4 Paws Rescue pulled her on 2/28/2012 and we have been fostering her in our home ever since! Please give this sweet girl a chance at a loving forever home!

Ke$ha is named after the female singer! Her name is pronounced Kesh-UH. Ke$ha is an ADORABLE 5 month old, spayed female, Greyhound mix. Ke$ha’s adult weight will be at most 65 lbs. Her coloring is very pretty – It’s called Dilute Merle. She is mixed with some other breed, as Greyhounds do not come in Merle. We can't figure out what that breed is, though! She has to be mostly Greyhound. She has even had her dew-claws removed. Beautiful, beautiful stunning girl!

Ke$ha is very playful with other dogs and people, but she also loves to sleep on the couch or bed. She gets along great with other dogs and loves the company of them. She would love to go to a home with another playful young dog to be her playmate. She is very social with other dogs and people. She is not shy at all. She is very curious and playful with cats. She loves little kids, but is still learning how much play is too much. She's super sweet, loves attention, and to snuggle with her people. She is also fairly quiet and is only vocal when playing with other dogs. She LOVES men! She's really smart and knows the commands "sit" and "lay down”. She is food motivated and learns from watching the other dogs. She is very curious and in tune to what you're doing. She is leash-trained, but if she feels like her collar or leash is caught on something, she will yelp and go into panic mode. Therefore, she needs to go to a home with a fenced in yard where she will never be tied up. Like the typical puppy, she loves to chew, so you must provide her with her own chew toys. She loves squeaky toys and rawhide bones. She has NO aggression issues, food or otherwise. Ke$ha needs more work with house-training. She does OK with frequent outside time, but needs more work as she hasn't quite caught on yet. She gives subtle clues like looking out the sliding glass door when she needs to go potty. She knows the words "Go Potty!" and “Gotta Pee?” or “Outside?”. She loves running laps in the backyard throwing her toys in the air, basking in the sun, and being inside. She would love a family who will give her adequate daily exercise as she is very high spirited and energetic. She's a great little girl with a cute and entertaining personality.

Ke$ha needs a dog experienced family or owner or even better, a former Greyhound owner. She requires supervision indoors as she is still a puppy and sometimes will get into things she is not supposed to. She's NOT a dog you can just leave outside and forget about. Greyhounds are intolerant to extreme cold and heat due to having little body fat and thin fur. Sighthound puppies can be a handful and should not be adopted out to just anyone. You must be aware of what you are getting into, before adopting Ke$ha. A fenced yard and lots of patience are must haves. Also, Ke$ha is very sensitive and will NOT do well with corporal punishment. Therefore, a firm grasp on positive training will be needed.

Ke$ha is READY TO GO to her forever home! She got spayed and all of her vaccinations on March 28th.

Ke$ha's adoption fee is $160 which includes her spay surgery, vaccinations, microchip, leash, regular collar, martingale collar for walking, a few doggy jackets, frisbees, doggy perfume, and whatever puppy food we have left.

If you would like to meet Ke$ha, please call or text her foster mom (Kylie) at 801-726-6412 or send Kylie an email at kyldnn@comcast.net. All potential adopters will be asked to call or text Laurie (with Hearts 4 Paws Rescue) with their email address, so she can send you an adoption application to fill out. We will then review your application and if it is approved, we will get back to you soon!

Thanks for reading!