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Found my forever- home :)
Barked: Tue Mar 20, '12 9:52am PST 
Meet Bailey, she's a 4 year old Maltese mix. She was a puppy mill dog that was abandoned with 8 others dogs by a shelter. They were all malnourished, dirty and they've been de-barked.
Initially I wanted to only foster her (I didn't even know how she looked like!!!) but fell in love, so decided to give her a forever home smile This is my first time adopting a rescued dog, so you guys will see me here asking all sorts of questions. It's also my first time owning a toy dog..

When I first got her, she was scared of everything. All she did was stay in her cage, but now (after a month), she's much better. She's still paranoid, walks in circles, runs and hide when you approach her too quickly but she's not as afraid of people, she even barks at strangers now (a very hoarse bark). Doesn't know how to play but she sticks to me like glue.

Even though she's 4, she acts like a puppy, everything is new to her. I guess she was probably caged up for all those years.
Anywhoooo, I think she looks much healthier and happier when I first got her, don't you? smile
(The picture of me and her, and of her and a black dog is when I first gotten her)
~Emma~ RL1

Mixed breed,- Pure heart
Barked: Wed Mar 28, '12 8:26am PST 
Hello!!way to go
Sirius- Padfoot- Black

Too clever for- Mom's own good!- :)
Barked: Wed Mar 28, '12 9:17am PST 
Hi, Bailey! Glad you're starting to blossom into the wonderful dog we know you can be!

wags, wiggles, and woofs - Siri, Belle, Evie, and Wicket (and Annabelle Lee, too!)

Turner - Gone Too- Soon

Hi I'm Turner- Wanna Smell My- Butt?
Barked: Wed Mar 28, '12 1:26pm PST 
Congratulations Bailey on your forever home! balloons
Shiloh ITD

Barked: Wed Mar 28, '12 5:50pm PST 
Welcome. Its great you adopted! smile

Akita Pals- Always.
Barked: Fri Mar 30, '12 6:14am PST 
Congratulations on your new forever home Bailey. Thank -you to your parent for adopting.We are sending a pup pal request.partywisheshug
Hucky and- Ringo

Barked: Fri Mar 30, '12 10:05am PST 
Hi Bailey wave you sure are a cutie

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