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I have a very sweet dog who just love cuddling and laying in your lap like a big cat, but through much trying and much failure I have not been able to train him to calm down around other animals. He just recently got out of the house and attacked another dog. I am just beside myself right now and I am not sure what to do. I know I am not doing this baby any justice by keeping him and I was wondering if anyone knew of an adoption place that trains behaivoral problem dogs. I know with the proper training he could be trained to be a great dog!!!
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Because of limited resources and space, rescues are not in a hurry to take on behavioral problem dogs.
The best thing you can do for your dog is to talk to a behavioralist or trainer and work with your dog.
Mr. Pibbs has dog aggression (very severe) and we have worked with him a lot. He will never be the type to take to a dog park but we do take him out in public and know how to handle him at home. With this one exception, he is an absolutely wonderful dog.
Please work with him and if money is an issue, contact a rescue and maybe they know of some trainers who would work with you for a nominal fee.

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A few questions..how old is your dog? What breed? How long have you had him? Was he always this way? What type of training have you done with him? What kind of exercise? When you say other animals..what types..cats? birds? ferrets? What EXACTLY does he do when he sees other dogs? How did he get out of the house?
I agree with Mr. Pibbs a behaviourist would be invaluable to you.
I would suggest you repost with more information..including the answers to the above questions in the Behavior & Training Forum. I am sure you will get many more replies smile


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More information and posting in behavior and training even if your dog is adopted might get you more help. Just an idea.