Getting my feet wet again!

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Gunna get \'em!
Barked: Wed Dec 7, '11 11:34am PST 
I decided to go about this my own way. I can't help but be involved. One dog at a time, no fosters, that's my rule.

This week there was a golden retriever in our loal shelter. I got him into a breed specific rescue, am transporting him halfway to meet the extremely kind volunteers there, and am pulling him myself. I had to overlook the beagle and some other dogs, but knowing my errand, I aimed only for the one I could transfer out.

As horrible as it is to be choosy in my efforts, I learned an invaluable lesson with Peggy. Do what you know is possible, don't overwhelm yourself, stay away from long term commitments, and network, network, network (at least for me). I hope to have a good expreience with the golden rescue, in case I use them again. I let them know I was an independent volunteer.

I feel good about it, as it is my project and I am not relying on any group of people for things to get confused. The dog I'm saving is highly adoptable. He is cute as a bug with loads of golden personality. I can't do much for the others. But even for one, smile I know I am capable of doing this again. big grin

Thanks for your support and encouragement through the tough time with Peggy. I learned a lot about rescue, and where I should place my energy.

the skinny Lab!
Barked: Wed Dec 7, '11 11:55am PST 
Good luck! Not hitching yourself to anyone's agenda sounds like a good plan.
Bella and- Daisy CGC

I'm a Meanie
Barked: Wed Dec 7, '11 12:55pm PST 
Sounds good!

You might find transport contacts on yahoo groups and facebook groups to help transport any pulls you make-or if you want to volunteer to just drive dogs to and from where they need to be.


Do you even- lift?
Barked: Wed Dec 7, '11 4:43pm PST 
Good to hear!

I don't think it's horrible at all to be a little picky about how you choose to help, especially after what you went through.

Gunna get \'em!
Barked: Wed Dec 7, '11 5:22pm PST 
Thanks B&D, I will definitely check out yahoo groups. May check out FB groups, too.

Thanks Onyx. smile I am only going to take this one dog at a time. That IS the most I can/am willing to do right now. smile I am going to focus on getting the pure looking dogs out. Inaverdantly, I'm helping PAWS too. I am getting dogs out before they have a chance to deal with them.

I do not plan on telling them this, though. I don't want them to rely on me. Because I am doing this as an independent volunteer, I don't want them thinking I am doing anything on a regular basis as I can't commit to that. Just when I see I CAN do something.

It does make one feel guilty to have to be choosy in ones evaluations, though. I can't save them all! frown And sadly, that is the feeling that got me into trouble to begin with. confused So now I'm at the other extreme. Save what I CAN. smile Not what I hope. They are two different things.

Adopt- don't shop.
Barked: Wed Dec 7, '11 7:27pm PST 
I don't know what happened in the past but I do know that doing anything is better than doing nothing. And you should never feel guilty about that. You helped rescue a dog.And that's a good thing.Period.

I am the Sock- Bandit!!!
Barked: Thu Dec 8, '11 5:58am PST 
Fostering is a longterm commitment, that's true no matter what organization a person fosters with. It's not for everybody. But there are plenty of other ways to help. I did lots of transports before I was able to foster. Good for you in finding what works best for you and the dogs you choose to help.
Turner - Gone Too- Soon

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Barked: Thu Dec 8, '11 2:43pm PST 
Way to go Gunner! way to goway to go Stay focused and remember each do you do help is one less dog in the system. If you start to get that feeling again, of being overwhelmed and obligated. Step back. Take a deep breath and re-evaluate. flowersflowers