Lost our fury princess in the family.....

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Barked: Fri Dec 2, '11 10:35pm PST 
My kids' teacher gave us a cute Japanese Spitz few years back. This adorable creature became our very first fury member of our family. Ours kids love our Princess! However, we migrated across continents but we were constrained to bring her with us right away. We left her under the care of a relative. Unexpectedly, the relative has to migrate to another country and we learned that our dog was given away to a loving home. Unofficially, we lost Princess. We had been wishing to get her back but this remains a wish. So now, we came to a point to move on, get another dog to share our home and complete the family again. We would like to adopt a puppy of the same breed. Is there a high chance this breed goes for adoption here in the US?

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I think this would depend on what area of the US you're in. I did a quick search of the area I'm from and couldn't find any rescues specifically for the Japanese Spitz. However I found plenty for many of the other types of Spitz. If you look on Petfinder.com, there are a lot of Spitz type dogs and mixes on there. Good luck in your search!

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A Japanese Spitz would probably be tough to find in a shelter, but there are LOTS of American Eskimo Dogs! They're a very similar breed.