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Barked: Wed Jul 21, '10 8:30am PST 
Meriden Humane Society and Meriden Animal Control dogs are URGENT. Meriden Animal Control is full and must choose which dogs will die on Thursday to make more room for the neverending influx of dogs. For example, someone left 2 starving hound mixes in a cage in the driveway this week. Please contact Meriden Humane ASAP if you can help foster, adopt, or get dogs to other reputable rescues.

Meriden Animal Control (MAC) and Meriden Humane Society (MHS) share the same small building located right where 3 major highways meet in Meriden, CT. We work together to save as many lives as possible. However, while MHS is no-kill, MAC is a KILL shelter.

MHS works closely with MAC to keep them from having to euthanize dogs. Unfortunately, there's no room at MHS because dogs are not being adopted, going to foster or going to rescue orgs as quickly as they are being dumped or surrendered.

At this time, due to lack of space, MHS cannot save MAC dogs at risk of being euthanized and MAC cannot hold off euthanizing dogs. Wonderful and highly adoptable dogs on the MAC side have been and will be euthanized due to lack of space. The Animal Control Officers have no other choice. We at MHS are reaching out to the public, other shelters and rescues for help. Sadly, not if not enough people/groups come forward, dogs will be put down at animal control.

Please don't let local dogs die due to lack of space in municipal shelters. All MAC dogs are listed on our site. All have been temperament tested and need homes or rescues to take them.