SC dogs near death when rescued

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12/8/06 UPDATE: A Mill/Hoarder's home has been raided and all dogs they could find have been removed! Here is the story on WYFF4.com


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Video: Women Face Charges After Dogs Siezed

Women Face Charges After Dogs Siezed

POSTED: 11hi55 am EST December 6, 2006
UPDATED: 9:27 am EST December 7, 2006

TRAVELERS REST, S.C. -- Three women face charges after about 30 dogs and other animals were removed from a Travelers Rest home on Wednesday morning.

Sarah J. Keith, Rebecca S. Keith and Amanda L. Keith-Woolf were each charged with ill treatment to animals. In addition, Amanda Keith-Woolf was charged with keeping wild animals without a permit.

Officers said the case is still under investigation and the three women are scheduled for a court hearing next week.

As agents removed the animals from the home and crates in the yard, many appeared to be severely underfed.

Most of the animals are dogs, primarily boxers and pit bulls.

Amanda Keith-Woolf was at the home when officers showed up to seize the animals.

Keith would not say why she and her relatives had so many animals or what they were doing with them.

However, a woman who runs an independent animal rescue operation in Virginia said that Amanda Keith was selling the dogs online.

Animal control agents looked over conditions at the Pine Forrest Road home, which had been the subject of numerous animal-abuse reports from neighbors.

According to investigators, a grease fire had killed several animals and prompted Wednesday's seizure.

The animals were taken to the Greenville Humane Society, where they will receive food and veterinary care and if the court decides to remove them permanently from the owners, they will be evaluated for their suitability for adoption.

Before officers showed up, neighbor Elizabeth Powers said that she removed 20 dogs from the property.

She said she hopes to find families who can take the dogs so they don't wind up with at the Humane Society.

"I have people standing by and I just want these dogs to get good homes and be cared for," Powers said.

From Bren at Harmony Rescue in VA- www.harmonyhoundsrescue.com
The neglected Dobermans shown on my website were taken into the care of Greenville County Humane. This breeder/hoarder has a website called (if you can believe it) PRIDEROCK KENNELS. Here is a link.

Please do not buy over the internet without fully checking out a breeder first! Ask for a vet reference and other professional references and if no health guaranty is offered DO NOT BUY!

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Gretchen, this is so sad. At least they got these out before it got worse. *shaking head in disgust*

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These people have been arrested AGAIN! 80 dead animals found in refridgerators and freezers and the house has been without power for months. See story from WSPA Channel 7.

http://www.wspa.com/story/22423952/nightmare-on-lovejoy-lane-dead-an imals-found-at-laurens-home


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Makes me mad how rabid child services and animal control can be with minor cases that come to their attention, yet you hear about cases like this or a human child dies because nobody had them on the radarfrown