Can you help guess what I am?

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Food, glorious,- food!
Barked: Wed Mar 29, '06 6:58pm PST 
Most peoplethink I look like a golden retriever puppy, but I am only knee high. The shelter called me a "terrier mix" and I do have the "speckled skin and mouth", and I do LOVE to chase birds and anything that moves....but I've also heard corgi, cocker spaniel, and even chihuahua?! We'd sure love your input! Thanks

Frisbee- !
Barked: Wed Mar 29, '06 7:45pm PST 
My Mom had a spanial cross when she was little that looked alot like him. Could even be a little Sheltie in the background. Interesting question! It will fun to see what other feedback you get.
arf arf, Tonka
CASEY the- Super Dog!

Super Dog, Ta- Da!!!!!
Barked: Wed Mar 29, '06 10:04pm PST 
I think you are a cocker spaniel/chihuahua mix. Whatever you are, you sure are a cutie. Do you ever go to the Irving Bark Park? If you do we will probably see you there one day. ~woof~


C is for cookie,- is good enough- for me!
Barked: Wed Mar 29, '06 10:31pm PST 
he looks like he may have daschund in him, short legs, the right kind of nose. But it is hard to tell without seeing him in person. I don't know about sheltie though. Could be springer spaniel, but...who knows! Only the mommy and daddy!
Olympia- (Oly)

"Wanna go for a- RIDE?!?!?!?!"
Barked: Wed Mar 29, '06 11:03pm PST 
I know exactly what you are, Charlie! (and I'm a certified know-it-all, so you should listen to me) I'm positive you are a full bred Adorable! smile That's my opinion at least.

(you actually look a lot my a blonde version of my black freind Kallie. Her mommy has no idea what she is either, bol!)

I'm A Great- Big Chocolate- Kiss!!
Barked: Wed Mar 29, '06 11:14pm PST 
Charlie, my brother Quinn the jackal and I studied your pictures at length and we have decided that you are a Dachsund/Pomeranian or a Jack Russell/Pomeranian, but there is DEFINITELY Pomeranian in you somewhere. You are a very pretty boy!!
♥- Fiona

born to be- pampered
Barked: Wed Mar 29, '06 11:44pm PST 
From your pictures, you look like you have kind of a long body ( I could be wrong, just what I'm getting from the pics). So I would definately say there is some dachshund in there somewhere. Maybe mixed with a small golden retriever or possible pomeranian.

My new name: - SUPER GLUE
Barked: Thu Mar 30, '06 3:44am PST 
Sara Say:

Charlie, my Daddy studied your picture real close and then looked at pictures in the AKC Complete Dog Book.

He found a picture that looked exactly like you.

You are a beautiful 100% purebred DOG.
Lady Bug

Barked: Thu Mar 30, '06 3:54am PST 
Yeah, from the look of your pictures, it looks like you have a long body like a Dachshund (or a Corgi. Maybe that's just me, as I've never met one in person but from the look of Corgi's pictures, they look to have long bodies) so I have to agree with the Dachshund thing, along with the Cocker Spaniel one.

Smarter than- your honor- student ;)
Barked: Thu Mar 30, '06 3:34pm PST 
I think you look like you have a little bit of Pomeranian in you...and you do have a little Chihuahua face but not 2 much of that I see in you... hmmm I could see why people think Golden Retrievier, whatever you are, it's definitely a weird mix...Good Luck finding out!
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