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We are doing our own type of recovering after Rita. We had to evacuate all of our dogs and have just now moved back into the kennel. We did not suffer too much damage, two exercise pens, part of the roof on one kennel and our 3 ton A/C unit in the big kennel (power surge). We had about three dozen dogs overheat in our evacuation shelter due unexpected extreme heat. All the dogs but two are doing ok, those two are still in guarded condition but expected to survive. All in all things went as good as could be expected. Any donation at all will help greatly with these added expenses.

It will take the rest of the week to clean up and reorganize the kennels, etc., then I am expected to leave for LA Fri evening. I am going back to Hammond to pick up the remaining dogs I have tagged. Return them to Houston for fostering then return back to South East LA and Far SE Texas on Sun PM. We have plenty of fosters in the Houston and surrounding cities as well as plenty of breed rescues that can handle dogs. As long as sponsoring for gas, etc., is there, I can keep making trips. To date, we have brought back 200+ animals from the NO area. My next trip back to NO will be pit bull specific, so we will need a list of pit bull experienced foster homes ASAP. I will try to squeeze that trip in the middle of next week. All animals brought back are on a mandatory 60 hold (this is a Spindletop rule) in case the owners come back looking for their pets. Owners of these animals are spread all over the country and Canada and some are clueless on how to look for their pets at this time. So the foster homes need to be patient. Also, any donation of any size or form, greatly appreciated as we are treating all these dogs as if they had no vetting. Most have upper respiratory and eye infections. Two females had pyro and we lost one puppy to hookworms. So it goes without saying my bill at my veterinarian is quite high.

Spindletop is still holding 48 owned pit bulls, including a litter of puppies that will be available for adoption in about 6 weeks. We also have 11 additional Katrina pit bulls in which the fosters we had for them, fell through. Two of the Katrina pit bulls are available for adoption immediately. One male, fawn/fawn nose and one female, black. Both are great dogs but appear to have no training, but very sweet and willing to learn. Total of dogs evacuated from Spindletop, 163. That included Katrina dogs, boarding dogs, Spindletop dogs and dogs from another shelter that were being housed here.

Our resources are becoming very thin as the evacuation process cost in excess of 2500.00. Also, a friend from New Jersey, John Richardson flew down at last minute notice to help with the evacuation of the dogs at Spindletop, he was monumental in keeping me sane as well as being on the same level of dedication as myself to get these dogs to safety regardless that neither of us had a decent nights sleep in days. Help is also needed as his no -kill pit bull friendly shelter paid the overpriced ticket (what happens when you buy a ticket with less than 24 hr notice), any little bit of a donation to help with that ticket would be greatly appreciated, their website is www.animaladoption.com It was more than out of their way to send someone to help Spindletop in our time of need and as we all know, shelters are always financially stretched.

I will sit down and write a short story in the next day or so in regards to life in TX and LA as *I* know it for the last three weeks.

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Are you involved at all with the Katrina Pit Bulls that are currently at the Houston SPCA? Breaks my heart to see how many there are.