This again... (and of course it's long because it's me)

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I wrote this post a while back:

http://www.dogster.com/forums/Service_and_Therapy_Dogs/thre ad/806126

It happened again today. Same guy, same location. This time, he went off on store staff and claimed that he too is "disabled" because he is allergic to dogs. Umm... don't think that's really a disability so much as it's, you know, an allergy. But it seems that that part might not even be true (I'll get to that in a minute).

He went at me briefly, and then began harassing my dog (a misdemeanor here in CO). They asked him to stop, and he did, but he was laughing about it the whole time. I packed my stuff up and left even though he had already left the store - I thought I was going to have a huge breakdown and I could barely walk as it was (because I was shaking so hard). Once outside, he had whoever was driving him pull right up in my path with their car so he could scream at me about how I'm a "fraud" and a "felon" (um, no, I've never even been arrested, let alone served any jail time). I just walked around their car and kept on going to mine while he was screaming at me. Got inside and locked my doors and sat there and shook like mad. I was trying to figure out how to just leave, but I couldn't drive (not safely, anyway).

One of the store staff came out to stop me. She told me they were making another report about this guy with their corporate people (who, it turns out, already know who he is because he's called them previously to complain about me - I have never done a single thing to this "person", I don't even know who he is, never seen him in my life until that first day he attacked me in here) AND they called the police. The police now have a harassment report filed (which the store did for me since I was a mess) and when (I'm not even going to say if) this happens again I'm to call 911 immediately (they're going to also, though they have two or three things that they have to say to him first [such as asking him to leave] - but they don't have to tell him they're calling the police).

He made a bunch of idiotic claims too, such as I "never buy anything" (I had a drink sitting right next to me on the table [that someone else bought - I don't know who, it was an anonymous gift from someone who sees me a lot and wanted to do something nice for me... I'm so glad he came along to ruin that nice feeling I had from someone just doing something nice because they wanted to], as I did the last time he pulled this crap) in here and he's spent hundreds of dollars here since he's been a "long-time customer". Uh. I buy something EVERY. SINGLE. DAY., sometimes more than once since I sit here and mooch their internet for several hours (I'm homeless, remember). I've also been a "regular" here for about three years (but it's true I've only had my dog in public for not quite a year now). I spend LOADS of money in here, much more than I should, but I don't believe that somehow makes me special. It just makes me another customer. I don't get why people toss stuff around like that to try and seem "important". Mostly they just look stupid.

He claimed he wouldn't be back. LOL I don't believe that for a second (and neither did they). He'll be back because he's so nasty and arrogant and entitled and he's waiting for them to "bust" me or something... the thing is, they know me well and know I'm legit, so... whatever. They spoke with their corporate people right away and were basically told they did everything right and that at this point they can go ahead and escalate immediately rather than try to have any sort of rational discussion (it's not possible with this dude anyway). I'm supposed to call the police right away and they'll do the same. Sbux is on my side with this entire issue, including their higher-ups that I haven't even met (they had some nice stuff to say about me... seemed weird, but okay).

He claimed that since you can buy service dog gear on the internet that was proof that I was "fake" (huh?). I actually HAVE bought some stuff - actual gear from legit sites, not those ridiculous kit things that give you a "certificate" and "identification" and all that junk. I needed a couple of patches, so I got them. Big whoop. And of course, he has no idea where I got any of my gear, so...

Also I have a Pit Bull and "those dogs are dangerous". *eyeroll*

And then he told them that his other "proof" was that he's seen me (and my dog) at the dog park (I was there just yesterday, actually). Let's back up here a second... he is so allergic to dogs that he refers to it as a "disability" and yet he's at a dog park? Why would someone like that be in a place where there are a lot of dogs running around? Surely someone who is so allergic to dogs that it makes them disabled wouldn't OWN a dog, so why would he be there in the first place? I can't imagine going just for the fun of it when you're so horribly allergic that it's debilitating. This makes me feel like I'm being stalked or something, because along with that he's mentioned some other things he's seen (and uses as "proof") that are actual things that happen(ed), but he wasn't around... at least not in sight anyway. It's creepy.

Yes, I DO take my dog to the dog park. I realize some folks with working dogs are pretty militant about not doing such things, and that's fine for whatever their needs or wants are, but I don't think that merely being a working animal automatically excludes it from being allowed to have some time to just be a dog. Additionally, I cannot walk my dog in any significant manner because of my physical problems, so he gets nowhere near as much exercise as he needs (three year old Pit Bull... a 65 pound ball of energy that spends most of his time sitting and "guarding" me). He needs the exercise, he needs the down time, he needs to just be a dog sometimes and go have fun with other dogs (he's highly social). This dude seems to think that that automatically means he cannot be a service dog. I think it means he's MY DOG and I will do with him what I choose to do and what I feel is in his best interest. Getting to play, relax, and have fun keeps him happy and that's far preferable than an animal that gets sour and cranky because he never does anything but sit around.

I know not everyone agrees with service dogs going to dog parks and that's okay. I think people should do what they feel is best for their individual dogs. I've certainly heard this as a "rawr" type of topic, but it's something that works for me (and my dog), so I do it. Do any of you take your dogs to parks so they can relax and have some dog fun?

I hate feeling like I have to justify everything I do, especially since it's no one else's business and I've not done anything wrong or illegal or "fake" or whatever. And where do you draw the line? Can he take a nap? Sleep overnight? Eat? Since he does all these things too does it mean he "can't" be a service dog? God I'm sick of this.

The result of my first encounter with this idiot was an ER visit later that night because I could not get myself under control. Ever since then, my biggest fear when being here (in Sbux) was that he would return... and now he has. I panicked immediately when I realized he was here (I didn't notice him right away).

All this because I refused to tell him what my medical issues are that lead to me having a service dog. It's none of his damn business, but since I wouldn't discuss it with him - a complete stranger - I am "obviously" a "faker".

I hope I don't have to go back to the ER tonight. I might... I'm going to try really hard to avoid it. Last time someone else unintentionally scared me and I went in to full "run like hell" mode. I hope it doesn't happen again.

I am sorry I ramble and write obscenely long posts. I'm just all upset and that's when I tend to get wordy. I really wish I had somewhere to go (like a home) since my agoraphobia is just getting worse and worse because of stuff like this. I have a lot of support, and that's good, but my mind is rather stubborn and holds on to the bad things all too easily. I'm also in the middle of appealing my disability denial, which was ridiculous - even my lawyer doesn't understand why they denied me - but it's going to take forever. Too much stress for me to deal with; I'm kinda coming unglued. cry

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hughughughughughugI'm sorry this happened to you. Please, next time call 911. The person is breaking the law and harassing you.

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Yeesh, that's really creepy. Be careful out there sweetheart. smile

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I would not have been able truly to say I know the feeling but last week or so ago that was almost what happen to me. I posted it on here my story that is. I AM SO PROUND OF SADIE!