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Haas-Mr.Gentle- Giant
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I'm looking for an organization that will also train personal dogs. I had my first seizure when I was 3(1986)they stopped for 3 yrs then started back and became uncontrollable by 1991 and was on multiple meds so I underwent my first brain surgery Nov. '91 for a temporal lobe resection. After being unsuccessful and a MRI revealing a lesion I underwent my 2nd brain surgeries June of '92 for further temporal lobe resection to remove as much of the lesion as possible. It was successful and I was seizure free for 13 yrs and med free 6 before I was diagnosed as relapsed in 2005 and put back on medicine I remained controlled with blackouts maybe once a yr or every couple yrs. It wasn't until last yr in March when I had a Tonic Clonic (1st in 4 yrs) and took a hard fall to the floor in front of my 2 small boys. Luckily my mom was actually at the house and not my grandma's and got right to me when I fell and was holding me calling my name when I came too, which I immediately had a panic attack. Because of the fall and hitting my head so hard on the wood floor, plus seizure itself I got a bad headache, pulled muscles in my neck bruised my hip and thigh. Ever since that seizure I started have simple partials' regularly I've had a 2nd med. added to my trileptal to try and get control of them, was on Keppra but it lost its effect plus as increasing it developed to many side effects in July was put on Vimpat. I'm 30 and can no longer drive and can't really work so fighting for disability, we don't leave me alone much especially with my boys just on the off chance. I'm now looking into a seizure response dog to give me a greater sense of independence and safety not just for me but my family too. So far I haven't had a seizure since 8/31/13. that's the longest I've gone since my big seizure in march '12. I found one group Service Dogs for Independence but have already been told I need to be able to pledge $9,300, in case my dog doesn't train and they have to get me one of the pups they raise. Any insight will be greatly appreciated please smile

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Charlie- Chaplin

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Canine Assistants in Georgie offers dogs for free, but their wait list can be as long as 5 years -- they go on a needs basis (who needs a dog the most). They're very reputable. They're very friendly though and if you call them I'm sure you can ask what other programs are reputable for you to join a wait-list on.

Susquehanna service dogs, I've heard good things about their dogs but I don't know if they do seizure dogs.

Paws With a Cause in Michigan has some nice dogs coming out, my personal trainer works for them and she is great.

There's a group on facebook called "service dog organization and trainer reviews" where they give reviews for orgs people have used before.

There's going to be a wait list for every program you choose. I suggest you do some research, post them on here, and we will take a look and give our advice on whether we think they look good or not or if we have any experience with them. Definitely reach out to Canine Assistants though, they're great.

ETA: Susquehanna service dogs *does* train seizure response, and I think their wait list isn't too long, shouldn't be more than 1-2 years. Which is an average wait time.

And sorry, ADHD caused me to loosely skim, by personal you mean you want them to train a dog you already have? A lot of reputable organizations won't do that as they have strict policies on how a dog should behave for PA, which is good because too many dogs that aren't equipped to be SDs are being used as them. You may be able to find a trainer that has experience with service dogs that will help you owner train though. Again, if you think you have found one, post her/him on here.

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Unfortunately, a dog cannot be trained to alert to seizures. But, they can respond. If I knew where you lived, that may be helpful in finding you assistance. My daughter's SD partner is a rescue, and, with evaluation, lots of hard work and training - he has been able to accompanying her to school, etc. At first he responded, now he does alert and give her time to get somewhere safe. One in six dogs +/- alerts. We just really lucked out on the alerting. She has seized up to 26 times a day - on multiple meds - so, he is invaluable to us. We wish you the best of luck! If you are near SW Indiana, we would be able to get you in contact with some help smile