The Talk with your Family?

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out of the brave- comes the- shiverer!
Barked: Sat Aug 31, '13 2:40pm PST 
How do/did you bring up the subject of choosing to use a service dog with your family? At this point, my immediate family knows about my mental issues, but not that I plan on using a service dog to help me. I don't want to blindside them or give them the wrong impression. Can anyone share their experience and things to do/avoid? Much appreciated.

The Boy Wonder
Barked: Sun Sep 1, '13 1:09pm PST 
A lot of how you handle that talk depends on you, your comfort level and your family. There is no right answer. With my immediate family it was talked about and they were okay with it with my more extended family things were a bit more complicated. Some of them are still not sure about the situation and it's been a long time. I ended up sending emails to those that had Emails and letters to those who didn't.

I think this is something you have to lay out for people, Here it is, and here is how it's going to help me. Even before the dog hits the picture. Feel free to email me if you want to talk more specifically, I can't remember if you are going with a program dog or if you were planning to train your own so can't comment more specifically.