Well... looking for another SD -- 'breed' selection help

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Barked: Mon Aug 26, '13 8:29pm PST 
Starting over *really* feels like *starting over*… it’s like I don’t even know anything, like I've never been through the process or worked a dog before or... whatever 0.0'

I am going to a rescue or looking into more mature dogs that were given back to breeders (unless they were given back for bad reasons of course). I absolutely can’t start with a puppy again; the only reason Chaplin is washing out is because of my own mess-ups (several hospitalizations during crucial socialization times).

I’ll be bringing a trainer along with me who has more experience doing temperament tests than I do (she does them for the two largest shelters in my city).

We’re looking at dogs 18 months to 2 and a half years

My preference has always been to go through breed specific rescues so… yeah.

Please do not pair me with a lab. Every lab I have ever had in daycare (a lot) has driven me up the wall except for one. I do, however, like goldens (someone told me they may be too sensitive for me needs though???).

1. I live in a big city where it’s hot and humid in the summer and cold and snowy in the winter

2. I don’t drive, I use public transportation (subway and bus). I also tend to walk where I need to go so the dog must be mobile

3. I am 105lbs if it matters

4. I need a dog that can provide space between me and others when asked (like blocking)

5. I want a responsive breed

6. I have anxiety problems, obviously the breed can’t be super emotional and get caught up in my problems

7. I have one male dog in the house (Chaplin) and another male dog visits frequently (Baby)

8. I’d prefer to have a breed that is ‘generally’ pretty ‘healthy’ of course with rescues you never really know

9. I like snuggle butts

10. I need a dog that can chill for several hours when I ask it to, even if I forgot to take it on a run the night before (I go to a lot of therapy sessions, etc., and hope to go back to school)

11. Despite not wanting people getting all up in my grill I do want a breed that gets comments. Baby and Chaplin always got so many remarks on how beautiful or cute they are and it made me like going out more

12. I’m trying to get over my size bias but please nothing under 20lbs

13. I’ll brush the dog or have it clipped as often as needed

14. I need a dog that isn't afraid to get "physical", for deep pressure stuff.

If anyone knows any breeders that have mature dogs or if you have spotted a rescue dog that fits my description please do let me know =).

Anyone have experience with greyhounds? A new PSD org just opened up and only uses ex-racing greyhounds.

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The greyhound idea actually sounds like it may meet some of the needs u mentioned. They can be mobile( can go on subway and walk places with u) but they are couch potato snuggle bugs inside(meets your "can chill out " criteria and snuggle bug criteria). I love sight hounds because of how sweet and living they are. I have an Italian greyhound and I really love him. There is something about a sight hound that really connects with me emotionally and it sounds like u want that in ur dog. Is it possible for u to spend time with the greyhound before deciding? Maybe ask the organization about that. I feel the same way u do about labs haha but a standard poodle may also be a good choice for u. If u get to pick the gender or your dog is go with a female since u gave a male pet. Good luck with your search!
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I think it depends on the individual dog as far as whether a Golden would be "too sensitive". There can be a lot of variation there, I know my Golden was never affected by my emotional state even though she was super affectionate and responsive to my cues.
Your trainer should hopefully be able to evaluate this aspect when they are helping you evaluate individual dogs.
However Goldens do tend to have a lot of health problems in the breed, so that might be something to consider (also with any "popular" breeds).

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