Picking up dropped items

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Barked: Thu Aug 15, '13 9:48pm PST 
hi, I've started teaching Mattie to pick up dropped items. At first i tried what my trainer told me starting with her toys and tying an item to it but, i didn't have the best luck with her kong but, it didn't really work and i still didn't quite know what to do. After a little research I've gotten success. Mattie's picking up dropped items well her bandannas for me. What the video i watched didn't cover though was after you get them picking what you started with up on command do you have to introduce the more different items for them to pick those up or will after they get to where they'll do it almost every time you tell them to they'll eventually pick up anything? One reason why i ask is i'd like her to be able to pick up more than just her bandannas and when i tried with something else today and gave her the command she didn't do it(though today could of been a off training day). Anything i drop that's remotely light and she's capable of picking up would be nice. Especially with my back and neurological problems. Like once i heard a dog could be trained to pick up money and credit cards if they were dropped and the handler gave the command. Of course since we are just beginning i know she's quite a ways from that level but, i was wondering if anyone might would have any tips on it.
Charlie- Chaplin

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Barked: Fri Aug 30, '13 12:33pm PST 
Didn't see this until now, have you been able to teach it yet? If you haven't:

1. Do you want her to be able to pick anything up that you choose? I have taught my dogs that when I say take it, they are to pick up anything I am pointing at

2. Do you also want her to be able to get specific items for you? Those will need to be individually named

3. Yes, after a while she may figure out that whenever you drop something she's supposed to pick it up and you may not need to ask for her to. You could fade out the cue once she understand the retrieval part until it becomes an automatic.

Once you answer my questions, assuming you haven't been able to teach her yet, I can go ahead and elaborate on the training process.

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Barked: Tue Sep 3, '13 3:56pm PST 
I would like to hear your plan for picking up anything dropped. I did not ask the original question, and I am still in process of locating the right dog to owner train. I have done some research, but I would love to hear your techniques.
Thank you.


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Barked: Wed Sep 4, '13 11:56am PST 
Cohen is not a service dog, but she'll pick up anything I drop or point to, including small change. She loves it, and we've done a lot of work to make it a fun and rewarding game for her. This is the method I used to teach the initial retrieve of weird objects: http://www.shirleychong.com/keepers/retrieve.html

She's great at helping me clean up laundry, picking up pens or passing me brushes, etc. :3 I can't speak highly enough of back chaining a retrieve via shaping.