Reliable Patch Venders?

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SIR AILBE,- Service Dog

Born To Serve- The Damsel In- Distress
Barked: Wed Jul 17, '13 6:59pm PST 
I got Shadow's SDIT patches from Sit-n-Stay and I bought a wonderful for Ailbe from ebay.

I also got from Bold Lead their circular velcro patches to go on Ailbe's dog leash. So, his vest just has one patch stating service dog in training...

Shadow Walker and Ailbe

The Boy Wonder
Barked: Wed Jul 17, '13 7:48pm PST 
I recommend Creative Clam's patches highly, I'm a huge fan. Bold lead design also sells some of their patches in clip on versions and other configurations.

True Grit in a- harness
Barked: Sat Jul 20, '13 5:04pm PST 
I'm glad I looked at this before buying from service dog house. I'm really surprised though a few years back I talked to the owner about a harness vest and he seemed pretty genuine. Though in recent months when I'd email I haven't gotten responses back.

So right now I'm looking at Active dogs, things4yourdog, working service dogs, servicedog gear, pet joy and Raspberryfields.

Things4yourdog hasn't emailed me back yet when I asked a question

I can't say anything about any company yet though since I haven't had my guide for more than a month yet.
Though Activedogs seems to be the most genuine and helpful. Servicedoggear told me a saddlebag wouldn't work and suggested a backpack but, didn't email me back when I asked if they had one.
Raspberryfields seems promising they're a embroidery company dedicated in making nice vests and patches

Laverne- Marie

Therapy Dog- Superstar!!
Barked: Sun Jul 28, '13 6:11pm PST 
I don't have a Service Dog, I have 2 Therapy Dogs and I need vests for them. The vests are required by the hospital we visit. Our current vests (harnesses) have come from Raspberry Fields and they look great! I decided to order new vests from Activedogs.com because another owner has them for their Therapy Dogs and I really like them. I havent' received them yet (just ordered them) and I can't wait. So...those are the only companies I've used and so far I've had good experiences.
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