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My GSD therapy dog was shot in his fenced yard by an officer

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Crazy Sadie- Lady

Im a SD and- proud of it so- there!!!!
Barked: Sat Jun 29, '13 9:28am PST 
The other day I saw a white dove the only time I have seen that is on TV.
I feel god with us or he may just be checking me out since I find my days not any better or any worse then they have been. It sounds a lil weird I know to read that but I feel since I saw it. I think he is saying that I hear you and I have been praying for Vinnie and another I am sitting for his family and he is such a sweet guy. His family ran in to a lil bit of a problem and now are homeless. They had to give up all the other fur babies but him to the shelter.(3cats and 2 other pups) he is about Sadie's age and 3x bigger then her. He is suppose I am told to be a full blooded Bull mastiff. (Brindle) He is such a dear and it is sad to have to take him in at this time since you can tell he misses his family. Today his daddy is coming to see him and take him for a walk. I am hopping to just have him for the weekend. Sadie is really a lil off she is not a sharing sort lol. But she still loves him other wise. I tell the people who love Sadie to make sure you don't just pay attention to him, but to give her time too. I am doing the same for Sadie myself sharing time between the dogs. Sadie gets some time socially with a dog half her breed (Sadie herself being half Bull mastiff and half American Staff. bull terrier. Taking care of him makes me realize how lucky I am that she is not full bull mastiff. He out weighs her by 100lbs Wheww!!! in a sm. 1 bed apt. Thank GOD! he was looking out for me lol. I had to take two of her flea collars to make one ( had two Xstras). Sadie has never had fleas even when she came to me and I am not going to take chances her getting them form this guy. He brought a few with him so we are nipping that right now. (organically that is ) He is so mellow so I think that helps sadie and she learns how people like to have a mellow pup around. He also is well trained off leash. We make sure that he is not treated any more special then she is. I am sorry I babbled here any way God bless vinnie and I am going to continue to pray for him to get well soon. He dose not deserve this and so I feel prayers for him and that he has justest for his near life taken form him.
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