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Fake service dog laws

The Service and Therapy Dog forum is for all service and therapy dogs regardless of whether or not their status is legally defined by federal or state law, how they are trained, or whether or not they are "certified." Posts questioning or disputing a person's need for a service or therapy dog, the validity of a person's service or therapy dog, or the dog's ability to do the work of a service or therapy dog are not permitted in this forum. Please keep discussions fun, friendly, and helpful at all times.

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Charlie- Chaplin

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Barked: Sun Jun 23, '13 3:52pm PST 
Hey all, thanks for the responses. I agree that if the dog is well-behaved and you do not know for sure if someone does not have an invisible disability to just let it go. But this girl is also posting pictures online and openly admitting she does not have a disability and is illegally passing her dog off as a service dog to take him everywhere.

Very frustrating stuff.

Barked: Mon Jun 24, '13 7:11am PST 
Woah! I think since you have evidence, calling the PD on a non-emergency number to report this person would be a good course of action. Those're some big cojones to put it all online. I would hit "print screen" and paste the facebook screenshot into Paint or something similar so you can save the evidence in case this person takes it down.
Bianca CGC- TT HIC Thd- ♥

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Barked: Mon Jun 24, '13 11:00am PST 
I don't think we have any specific laws about this in this state, unfortunately.

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