Renting an apartment and paperwork required

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I don't think you have to disclose what your disability is, but they can require a letter from your health care provider that states you have a disability and need a service dog to mitigate that disability. The Fair Housing Act doesn't say anything about them not being able to require that kind of documentation if it's obviously from looking at you that you are disabled.
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I had to prove to my Landlord that my doctors wanted me to have the dog and got sighned paper work for that. That is about all I did.

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Documentation from the program Aqwar was trained at isn't necessary. As Issac has already stated they can ask for documentation from your doctor stating you benefit from having a Service Dog.

All of the apartments I've lived in over the last five years required a doctors note though I suspect if I didn't have an invisible disability they wouldn't have all asked for it. Don't forget that a Service Dog isn't a pet technically so you don't need to pay a pet deposit or anything of the sort.
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I agree with most of these people who talk about proof form Doc. that you need the dog.
That you benifit form it and the dog is used as medical equipment. I know that sounds cruel but it is not ment to be.